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Apple Vision Pro 2 rumors – the info so far

Everything you need to know about the rumored launch of the Apple Vision Pro 2
Last Updated on January 31, 2024
A pair of Apple Vision Pro 2 goggles with question marks on them, fueling rumors. Image shows the APple Vision Pro 2 on a blue background under the PC guide logo
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With just days until the highly-anticipated Apple Vision Pro hits the market, you’d think that public hype and rumors would be solely surrounding this headset. However, rumors and speculation are already flying around about the Apple Vision Pro 2! But, what kind of upgrades can we expect to see? And, when will this device be available? In this article, we hope to answer all your questions and more! Stick with us as we tell you everything we know about the Apple Vison Pro 2 rumors; covering speculated price, specs, and release date.

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Apple Vision Pro 2 rumors – release date and price?

With the Apple Vision Pro set to launch on February 2nd, 2024, it is safe to say that the Apple Vision Pro 2 won’t be coming out this year. It’s going to be a little while until we see the second-generation model on the market. It has been speculated by industry analyst Ming-chi kuo that the product could launch in 2027. But seeing as nothing is confirmed, don’t start saving up just yet! In the meantime, it has also been speculated that Apple may be planning the release of a lower-cost version of the Apple Vision Pro as soon as 2025.

As for price, much of the speculation has been similar. In that, it is believed that the Apple Vision Pro 2 will be priced similarly to its predecessor; at $3,499.

Apple Vision Pro 2 rumors – improved features

One of the main rumored feature upgrades is the expected change in the display. The Vision Pro 2 hopes to improve upon the brightness and efficiency of its predecessor, with a potential upgrade from the first generation’s WOLED with a color filter to an RBG OLEDoS. As stated in MacRumors; this upgrade could result in significantly higher brightness as the OLEDoS technology produces light and color directly from RBG sub-pixels on a single layer.

It has also been rumored that the Vision Pro 2 could be introduced with an improved chipset. This would mean a potential upgrade from the Vision Pro’s M2 chip, to a M3 or M4 chip. This would make the overall speed and quality of the digital content better.

Additionally, it has been speculated that there could be a change in design, due to a possible weight issue with the Vision Pro. There have been whispers that the Vision Pro is on the slightly heavier side, potentially making it uncomfortable for the neck while using. A new patent has surfaced that shows Apple may want to add a balancing mass to the VR headset; eliminating strain by shifting weight to the opposite side that your head turns.

What features remain the same – Apple Vision Pro and Pro 2?

We’ve spoken a lot about improvements, but now let’s look at what is speculated to remain the same in the Vision Pro 2. It has been rumored that the external battery pack is going to remain the same in the Vision Pro 2 model, as well as most of the sensors and cameras. Similarly to the Vision Pro, the Vision Pro 2 could potentially feature; a compass, ambient light sensor, magnetometer, and gyroscope.

Wrapping up

Everything in this article is speculated, nothing is set in stone. So make sure to wait for official announcements before saving up for this reality headset. That being said, if the rumors are correct then the Apple Vision Pro 2 is set to be an exciting addition to the world of spatial computing, which we will hopefully see on the market not too long from now. In the meantime, you can quench your excitement with the upcoming release of the Apple Vision Pro, first generation.

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