How To Get Knuckles In VRChat

Becoming knuckles, the history of knuckles and how to make your own skins on VRChat.

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How To Get Knuckles In VRChat

One of the fun things about VRChat is the ability to change your avatar’s skins into almost anything you want! A popular character that some people have gravitated towards is the Sonic The Hedgehog echidna Knuckles!

There has been a lot of controversy around what is now known as Ugandan Knuckles. Users have taken the fun skin and dragged it through the mud by adding racist notions within the VRChat community.

I will explain how these events transpired. But if you’re still interested in the Knuckles skin, I’ll also teach you how to find it and how to put it on.

Why Is Uganda Knuckles Racist, And What Is The Meme About?

Originally the depiction of this tiny, bug-eyed Knuckles rip-off was created by Gregzilla in a review about the Sonic Lost World game. Gregzilla’s art style is comical, and he likes to make fun of most of the games he talks about. He had a negative opinion of the Sonic game, but his video was unoffensive.

Eventually, this popular distorted image of knuckles made its way to VRChat, which was once again perfectly fine. The skins could be found on Uganda worlds, hence the name, but a subgroup of VRChat players then connected this image to a Uganda action film called “Who Killed Captain Alex?”. The catchphrase “Do you know the way” was born from this movie. It was often written as “Do you know de wey” to imitate an African accent.

Apart from the choice of adding an African accent, the concept so far wasn’t terribly bad, but it all changed when people started taking the Ugandan connection too far.

The joke started as a morphed image of Knuckles and ended as a social attack on Uganda and African Users.


How To Get Uganda Knuckles On VRChat

These troubles around Uganda Knuckles started in 2018, and the stigma still follows it. But there are many people who like to play as Uganda Knuckles that don’t disrespect a whole culture whilst doing so.
If you are one of the players trying to find Uganda Knuckles, you can do so by logging into your VRChat, but please, don’t be an idiot. There are too many of those around.

Start off by clicking on “Worlds”. Usually, Uganda is one of the top featured worlds, but you can search for Uganda in the search box if you can’t find it.

Scroll through the instances at the bottom of the textbox until you find a world that isn’t full. Now you need to hit the “Go” button, and you’ll be transported to this specific Uganda world.

You should find a bunch of Uganda Knuckle skins in chests around this world.

Once you have it, you can change into your new skin, but you can also find the Blue Knuckles if you jump onto the rowboat near the water.

As soon as you touch the boat, you’ll be teleported to another section of the world. Climb up to the top of the sand dune until you get into the stone house on the top. There is a secret area here which you can find under the staircase.

Enter this area, which is a kind of basement, and you will see another chest. This time the chest will hold Blue Knuckles.

How To Be Knuckles In VRChat

Now you’ve collected the skin, you can put it on through the avatar menu.

The first thing you want to do is press the quick menu, then hover over the Avatar button and click on it.

At the top, you’ll see a “Public” row. These are avatars or skins that are available to everyone, so feel free to scroll through this look before deciding on one. Remember you can change at any time, so have fun with it!

If you have made your own avatar or had been given one, you’ll find them in the row below.

Once you’ve found the avatar you want, click on it, and you’ll see that the person on the side has updated to this new skin. It doesn’t mean your avatar has updated yet, it’s just giving you a preview. To update your skin, you’ll need to press the button “Change”.

Once you’ve done that, your avatar will have changed, and you’ll be in your new Knuckles skin!

How To Make Your Own Skin On VRChat

If we’ve put you off the idea of being Knuckles, you can still make a fun and creative skin of yourself. You want to click here to do this, where the program will take you to a customer VRChat space.

Once you’ve logged in, you can pick your sex and then upload a photo of yourself or whomever you want to look like. There are tons of ways for you to then edit the picture you’ve taken. If you want your hair to be shorter, your eyes to be a different color, or anything else that catches your fancy, you can. Whatever you want, you can do it!

When you’re done, the skin is then imported into VRChat automatically, so you’ll find it in your avatar folder, ready to put on!