Oculus Quest 2 controller not working – How to fix

Get your virtual hands back up and running with these top tips

oculus quest 2 controller not working

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If your Oculus Quest 2 controller is not working, have no fear. We’ve got all the answers. The Oculus Quest 2 is a tether-free VR experience that allows you to become extremely immersed in a virtual world. However, there are still some limitations to that, You can’t just wave your arms freely and have the headset pick up all of your movements, you’re going to need to hold controllers as a tracking tool as well as for inputs in various games/experiences.

While the Quest 2 controllers are both robust and probably at the top of the game for VR inputs, they are still tech at the end of the day and are still prone to not working. If you are having controller issues with the Quest 2, we’re here to help. We’ll be running through some Quest 2 controller not working fixes in hope that you can get them working 100% again and you can hop back into those virtual reality worlds.


How to fix Oculus Quest 2 controller not working

extend oculus quest 2 battery

There are a few different solutions you can try to get your Quest 2 controllers working again. Below, we’ll be providing you with all the steps for the top 5 as these are the ones that have been most successful.


Remove and reinsert controller batteries

No matter what issue you’re facing with your Quest 2 controller, doing a hard reset on them might be a solid solution. This will require you to remove and reinsert the AA batteries that are located within.

To remove the batteries, push down from the top where you grip the controller (the white housing on the bottom). The battery compartment should pop open and allow you to remove and then reinsert the batteries.


Unpair and repair controller

As the Quest 2 controllers are wireless devices, problems can occur due to the connectivity between them and the headset. One way in which you can counter this problem is to simply unpair and repair them and hopefully get them working again asap.

The best way to do this is through the accompanying Oculus app so ensure you have that installed on your smartphone and have your Quest 2 hooked up to it. Once this is done, simply tap your Quest 2 on your smartphone device, hit the Controllers option then Unpair. You will need to do this separately for both controllers. After unpairing, go through the same process but press Pair instead.


Restart Quest 2 headset

A classic method to get any tech working is to do the old turn it on and off trick. Fully power off your Oculus Quest 2 headset by holding down the power button until there are no indicators that the headset is still operational. After this, power it on again and ensure you press a few buttons on each Quest 2 controller to allow them to be successfully paired once again.


Factory reset Quest 2

The final roll of the dice you can try to fix your Oculus Quest 2 controller not working problem is to perform a factory reset on your headset. This can be done a couple of different ways and you can find our full guide on factory resetting here.


Hopefully, by following the above methods, you’ll be able to fix any firmware, software issue with your Meta Quest controller. If it is a hardware issue, and none of the above fixes work, you can try and see if it is fixable under warranty. Contact Oculus customer support for more information