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Is the Meta Quest 3 backwards compatible?

Taking a look at whether you can play Meta 2 games on the next-gen device

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on September 28, 2023
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Meta fully revealed some key information on the Meta Quest 3 at the Meta Connect 2023 launch event, including whether the VR headset is backwards compatible. When a new device comes out, one question that always remains is if it works with the games of its predecessor. So, let’s find out if Meta Quest 3 is backwards compatible with Quest 2.

Is Quest 3 Backwards Compatible With Quest 2?

Meta Quest 3 is backwards compatible with Quest 2. This means that all the 500+ games that were a part of Quest 2 catalog will be a part of Quest 3, too. Additionally, you will also be able to continue your game progress from where you left off in Quest 2.

Meta is also releasing around 100 new games with Quest 3. Rumors are that 50 of these 100 games will be new, and 50 will be an upgrade to an existing title. Regardless, the Meta Quest 3 is all set to take your gaming experiences to a new height. Watch the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase on YouTube to learn more about these new games and apps.

The upcoming virtual reality headset from Meta has a software and hardware upgrade on the predecessor architecture. Hence, there’s not much information about whether the games created for Meta Quest 3 will be playable on Quest 2. However, the rumors are that Quest 2 users will most likely experience new VR games being developed for Quest 3.

Besides the games, Quest 3 will also leverage all of Quest 2’s apps and experiences. This shows that the architecture is backward compatible, and Quest 3 will be able to read all the information and apps available and accessible by Quest 2 users.

Final Thoughts

The next-gen mixed-reality headset from Meta has backwards compatibility. So you’ll be able to boost Meta Quest 2’s immersive games with the louder audio range, clearer display and boosted depth sensors of the new device. You can pre-order the Meta Quest 3 from September 27th.


How much will Meta Quest 3 cost?

Meta Quest 3’s base model with 128 GB storage space will cost $499.99. The other variant with 512 GB storage space will cost $649.99. Big online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy are probably the first places to look.

Is Quest 3 better than Quest Pro?

Quest 3 is better than Quest Pro in terms of performance, display resolution – it has 10x more pixels, promising crisp details – and refresh rate. There is also high-fidelity color and better spatial understanding of the environment around you. The headset is set to prioritize ‘comfort and control‘.

However, it also lacks eye and face tracking, which means it is better in some aspects but not in others. The battery life is not much of an upgrade.

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