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Can you pre-order the Meta Quest 3 headset? Yes, you can

Can you pre-order Meta's latest VR headset?
Last Updated on September 28, 2023
Can you pre-order the Meta Quest 3 headset? Image shows the text "Can you pre-order the Meta Quest 3 headset?" next to the Quest 3 device, on a purple pink gradient background.
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Following the Meta Connect event, virtual reality fans are eager to find out more about the Meta Quest 3. As a successor to the Quest 2, Meta has quoted its next-gen headset as its most powerful yet. We’ve got more than a vague release timeframe of Fall 2023: a release date of October 10th 2023. But can you pre-order the Meta Quest 3? Many people will be looking to get their hands on this device as soon as it comes out, so find out here if there is currently any way to pre-order the Quest 3 prior to its official release date.

Can you pre-order the Meta Quest 3?

Yes, now that Meta has announced the release date of the Quest 3 as October 10th, it is available to be pre-ordered. Buyers have the option of pre-ordering the device directly through the Meta website, on Best Buy for American users, or through Amazon.co.uk for those in the UK.

As for the price, the base storage option of 128GB comes in at $499.99 USD, with the storage upgrade of 512GB coming in at $649.99 USD. However, there’s more to tell. For a limited time, you can get your Meta Quest 3 headset in a game bundle including Asgard’s Wrath 2, which is a sequel to the VR fantasy action game Asgard’s Wrath. Furthermore, if you’re going for the 512GB option, Meta is adding in a six-month free trial to Meta Quest+, its VR subscription service that gets you two free games a month.

What new features are coming to the Quest 3 VR headset?

In terms of the Meta Quest 3’s specs and new features, we’ve got the significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Quest 2, that we were expecting. Due to the addition of a Snapdragon chipset built in association with Qualcomm Technologies, the graphics performance and processing power will double that of the older Quest model. The visual and mixed reality aspects will also be getting a boost, with pancake optics, full-color Passthrough, and dual 4MP RGB color cameras for even more immersive experiences. As well as becoming more streamlined and 40% slimmer, the new Touch Plus controllers are losing the outer tracking rings and gaining TruTouch haptics and hand tracking. Ultimately, it seems to be bringing the high-end features of the Quest Pro at a more affordable price.

To get a more in-depth rundown of the Quest 3 compared to the other Meta Quest headsets, you can read here about the Quest 2 vs the Quest 3, as well as the Quest Pro vs the newer Quest 3.

Final thoughts

To conclude, yes you can finally pre-order the Meta Quest 3 headset through the Meta website or through retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon. We’ve covered the Quest 3 release date prediction, specs rumors, and price speculation for those looking to experience the Meta-verse’s latest headset as soon as possible.

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