Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest 3 – is newer better?

Discover if it's worth the upgrade as we compare Meta's latest VR headsets

Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest 3 - side-by-side

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Decide which VR headset is right for you as we compare the Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest 3.

Since the new Meta Quest 3 has officially been announced, with an expected release date set to this fall, it’s about time we delved into how these two headsets differ.

Originally known as Oculus Quest, the Meta Quest 2 is a highly-rated piece of tech. Known for its top-notch quality and affordability it’s no surprise that the new and improved version is also gaining a lot of attention.

From the outset, you can tell that the specs are what set them apart. As you would expect, the Meta Quest 3 comes with better performance, higher resolution, and new smart technology with Meta Reality.

Hoping to find out more? Keep on reading as we delve into the headsets’ price, performance, and features.

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Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest 3 – Design and features

A standout characteristic of the Meta Quest 3 comes from its new and improved design. According to Meta, the new headset will feature a 40% slimmer optic profile compared to its predecessor – bringing fans a much sleeker and more comfortable design.

When it comes to its controllers, expect a full revamp in design to improve useability, making them feel more natural in your hands.

Thanks to some improvements in their tracking technology, the new Quest 3’s controllers will be lacking the tracking rings featured on the Quest 2. These new controllers will also feature a new haptics technology called TruHaptics.

Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest 3 – Price

Back when the Meta Quest 2 was launched, the 128GB model came in around $499. If you’re thinking of purchasing this headset you’ll be happy to hear that Meta is dropping the price to a much more budget-friendly $299.99. The 256GB option will also be reduced coming in at $349.99.

For the Meta Quest 3, it has already been confirmed that the new headset will retail for $499 for the 128GB variant – similar to its predecessor.

Meta Quest 2 vs Meta Quest 3 – Performance

At the moment, it is pretty difficult to judge the Meta Quest 3‘s performance since there are no demos or reviews yet. Nevertheless, according to Meta this new VR headset is set to be their most powerful yet.

Performance-wise the Meta Quest 3 will come with a next-generation Snapdragon system-on-chip. This plans to deliver “more than twice the graphical performance” of the Meta Quest 2.

According to the creators, we should expect more details to be revealed on September 27th. And hopefully, we will also get an update on where to buy and how to preorder at Meta Connect this coming fall.