Is the PSVR2 4K?

Enter a world of wonder with the PSVR2's 4K capabilities

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The PSVR2 is the newest PlayStation 5 headset to release in February 2023. It’s considered one of the most advanced next-generation hardware devices in the world of VR. The device is now released and available for purchase at $549. In addition, Sony has confirmed the PSVR2 can support a 4K resolution output at 120 FPS, as well as the highly coveted HDR.

Continue reading below to learn more about what PSVR2 is and what it has to offer.

What Is A PSVR2?

The PSVR2 is Sony’s new next-generation entry in the virtual reality gaming world. It is more successful than its predecessor, PSVR, released for PS4 in 2016. The latest PSVR2 is set to release for PlayStation as an exclusive headset. It promises to offer more enhanced resolution, a wider field view, and the latest eye-tracking mechanism. It even replaces the previously used LED PS camera method with a new controller.

PSVR received a lot of buzz in the past five years. Without a doubt, Sony dominated the VR peripheral market share while we saw a lot of other VR sellers joining the pool. However, when it comes to gaming, the PSVR is the best-selling hardware device.

Release Date and Specifications

The PSVR is all set to release this February, on the 22nd. However, the preorders have already begun, and this model will be more successful than its predecessor. Checkout below some of its main specs:

  • AN OLED Display instead of the LED
  • A 3D audio support
  • Panel resolution will be 2000 * 2400 per-eye
  • The refresh rate for the panel will be 120Hz and 90 Hz
  • Lens separation will be adjustable
  • 110-degree field of view support
  • A total of four controller and headset tracking Cameras
  • An IR Camera
  • Vibration on the headset for feedback purposes
  • Weight less than 600 grams
  • USB Type-C PS5 Connection
  • Built-in microphone for input and Stereo Headphone jack for output

Backward Compatibility

There is currently no possibility for the PSVR2’s backward compatibility with its previous PSVR titles. Hideaki Nishino from Sony confirmed it in an official PlayStation podcast released a while ago. However, you can still download these original PSVR titles to your PS5 and play them with the original PSVR headset. 

So, all those who were looking to sell their original PSVR in the hope that the PSVR2 would have backward compatibility will have to wait for a patch or update in the hope of recessive compatibility.

Is the PSVR2 4K?

Yes, Sony has confirmed that the PSVR2 would have HDR 4K resolution support at a frame rate of 90 to 120 FPs. As expected, the PSVR2 features some improvements compared to its predecessor. This includes a higher-resolution output display, improved control, better tracking, and a wider field view.

However, as rumors were circulating, the PSVR2 would be wireless, but it still features a cable for connectivity with PS5. This makes it easier to set it up and use it with the system.

What Would Be in the Box Received?

By default, the PSVR box will have a sense controller pair, a headset with a cable, earbuds to connect with the headphone jack, and a USB Type-C to A cable for controller charging. However, additional hardware components may be available with your order bundle at an additional price.


The hype about the PSVR2 is already at its peak, with only a few days left prior to its release and why there shouldn’t be any. The PSVR2, as presumed, would be one of the best VR hardware for current usage as a next-generation success, with 4K resolution, wider field panel, OLED display instead of LED, ergonomic design, and greater panel resolution. The PSVR2 is expected to be a big hit for the next few years to come, without a doubt.