Windows 11 PC Health Check not working? WhyNotWin11 is a better alternative

Use WhyNotWin11 to find Windows 11 compatibility issues

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With Windows 11, there are a bunch of different system requirements to install the new OS from Microsoft. These new requirements have caused massive ripples throughout the industry for one specific reason – TPM 2.0.

While not many users are familiar with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), this is a massive deal for Windows 11 with Microsoft making it an essential part of the puzzle for installing the software. Due to this, as well as other requirement reasons, Microsoft has released a PC Health Check application to help you figure out if there are any issues when wanting to install Windows 11. But, there are problems and developers around the globe have taken matters into their own hands.

Let’s break down the Windows 11 PC Health Check and provide you with a better alternative – WhyNotWin11.

Windows 11 PC Health Check

windows 11 pc health check

Update 29/06/21: Microsoft has pulled the download of the official PC Health Check app due to concerns that it doesn’t provide enough information. This makes WhyNotWin11 the only real comprehensive alternative available right now.

Microsoft has released a PC scanner app named PC Health Check to run an eye over all of your installed components to let you know if your system is able to run Windows 11. This application lets you know if your computer has passed or failed the test so you can understand if you need to replace components.

However while it does provide answers, there have been a bunch of reports of the application either not working or simply showing strange results with even the most high-powered computers failing the tests. While you might think that a piece of software like this will give you in-depth information as to why, it is sadly lacking and is leaving users a little dumbfounded.

Take a processor failure for example. If your CPU doesn’t meet the requirements for Windows 11, the Health Check will give you a less than helpful answer of just “This processor isn’t supported for Windows 11.”, providing you with literally no insight into why.

This has left users not just wanting more information but a whole new application to test their PCs. Enter WhyNotWin11.



As with most, if not all PC issues, outrage spread throughout the Net which, of course, has sparked developers to make a solution to the less than comprehensive Microsoft PC Health Check application. The one piece of software that has made the rounds is WhyNotWin11 which offers a more in-depth look into why your PC has failed any Windows 11 requirement tests and what you need to do to remedy them.

As shown in the screenshot of the software above, you can see a full breakdown of what components your PC is being tested for and if they pass, fail, or are on the ‘maybe’ list for running Windows 11. This is far and above what the ‘official’ PC Health Check has to offer and allows you to see if that pesky TPM 2.0 is the issue or if it is down to something else such as your older generation CPU.

In our opinion, if you want to find out what is causing your Windows 11 compatibility problems, using WhyNotWin11 should be your go-to moving forward because even though it isn’t an official Microsoft application, it provides you with more answers than questions.

To download WhyNotWin11, click here where you’ll be taken our dedicated WhyNotWin11 page so you can get up and running nice and quickly.

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