Is the Galaxy S23 dual SIM?

Two is better than one

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If you are someone who likes to swap between two different SIM cards, you may be wondering: is the upcoming Galaxy S23 dual SIM?

We are still eagerly waiting for Samsung to launch the Galaxy S23 and its upcoming features. Until then, we can only speculate whether the Galaxy S23 will have dual SIM capabilities.

At the moment, Samsung’s current flagship model, the Galaxy S22 does come with dual SIM slots. Undoubtedly, it is a useful feature and we hope that this will continue on the new Galaxy S23.

How do I use dual SIM on Samsung?

Dual SIM capabilities on Samsung phones are nothing new. Their competitor, Apple has only recently allowed their users to use two SIMs (physical SIM and eSIM) on their iPhones. But, Samsung is different. They’ve had dual SIM technology for some time now.

Depending on your model you will either have a dual SIM tray in your smartphone or a dual SIM tray and the ability to assign an eSIM. On the Samsung Galaxy S22, you have the following options: SIM1 (Physical SIM) and SIM2 (Physical SIM or eSIM).

As you would expect, dual SIM trays allow for the insertion of two separate SIM cards in one tray. Samsung smartphones let you choose which SIM is the primary and which is the secondary, with the primary SIM typically being used for calls, messaging, and data usage.

As the name suggests, eSIMs allow you to access a mobile plan without the need for a physical SIM card. Instead of inserting your SIM card into your smartphone, eSIMs work by integrating the SIM technology virtually from the carrier.

To take advantage of Samsung’s eSIM capability you will have to activate it in your settings. By heading to “SIM card manager” and tapping “Add mobile plan” you will be able to activate your eSIM plan there.

In 2022, Apple actually ditched the physical SIM tray entirely on their iPhone 14 – only in the USA. However, looking to the future we do not expect Samsung to be as daring. We predict the upcoming Galaxy S23 will still include the dual SIM tray and eSIM capabilities.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it! The Samsung Galaxy S23 will probably have dual SIM capabilities and hopefully the classic SIM tray too. Although, until Samsung makes an official announcement, we cannot know for sure.

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