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How to enable Facebook Dark Mode on Android

Can you resist the dark side?
Last Updated on July 15, 2024
facebook dark mode android
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Scrolling through Facebook is a guilty pleasure for a lot of us in 2021. Facebook dark mode on Android comes in handy for anyone who suffers when exposed to bright screens. Screen time before bed also affects our sleep and how much REM sleep we get but recent advancements in eye care in screens and Facebook dark mode on Android helps more than you could imagine.

Putting the practical advances of dark mode to one side, some people just prefer Facebook dark mode Android over the usual white background. It can look sleeker and uniform with later iterations of Android operating systems. Not to mention, Android also has its own dark mode options, there’s Material You color options in the upcoming Android 12 also. This matches menu color hues with your home screen wallpaper, making your handset operating system visually appealing.

Facebook Dark Mode on Android

Facebook Logo

Here’s how to turn on dark mode on the Android Facebook app. The following how-to steps are performed on a Google Pixel 5 running Android 12, although these steps should be applicable for any recent Android handset.

Open Facebook App

Open up your app drawer and tap your Facebook app. Once it’s open, hit the burger icon on the top-right and select ‘Settings & Privacy’ then ‘Settings’.

Turn on Dark Mode

Under ‘Preferences, select ‘Dark Mode’ and toggle the ‘On’ switch.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on Android

Facebook messenger logo

How that you’ve turned Facebook to the dark side, why don’t you do the same with Facebook Messenger too?

Open Messenger App

Open your app drawer and tap Facebook Messenger. In your main chat window, tap your profile picture to bring up your messenger options. Select ‘Dark Mode’ and toggle the ‘On’ switch. There we go, now you’re matching!

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