How To Split Screen on Android In 2021

Multitask with ease

Split screen Android is a useful feature for the open-source, Google-owned handset operating system. Power users, ideally with bigger screens or tablets, can really take advantage of split-screen Android functionality. A good example here would be taking notes for a meeting whilst you’re on the move or not near your laptop. Simply have your chosen video calling app up top with a word processing app underneath. Better yet, use a cloud storage service to save the notes so you can write them up when you get back.

In a world where hybrid working is becoming the new normal, it’s important to understand how your devices can work for you. Better yet, it’s more important than ever to multitask. Whether it’s for work or play, doing two things at once whilst on the move is no longer a myth thanks to split-screen Android functionality.


How To Split Screen Android

This how-to guide is going to show you how to use the split-screen Android feature on a Google Pixel 5 running Android 12, find out how to grab the latest beta here. Whilst all Android devices run in similar ways, some features may differ on your chosen handset. It’s also worth noting that some apps don’t allow split screen Android functionality.


Access Open Apps

Make sure you have both apps open before continuing. Swipe up from the bottom of your handset and keep your finger in place until your currently open apps appear.


Select Your First App

To activate split screen Android functionality, you’ll need to hold your finger down on the App logo icon (for some devices, you may need to do this on the open app instead). Then press ‘Split Screen’.


Select Your Secondary App

Split screen Android will then allow you to select the secondary app you wish to use at the bottom half of the screen. Once selected, you’ve successfully used the split screen Android function on your handset.


Adjust The Black Divider Line

You can move this up and down as you need to. When you’ve finished using the split screen Android feature, simply swipe the black line down to make the initial app its standard size.

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