How to Boot into Safe Mode on Android

Troubleshoot easily with these simple steps

Safe mode option screen

We’ve all been there, following some half-baked online guide on how to install a magical piece of software, launcher, or life-changing feature which ends in your Android handset not functioning properly. Safe mode on Android is there to save the day when it comes to troubleshooting, ensuring only the basics are loaded up which allows users to narrow issues down.

If you boot into safe mode on Android and you’re noticing a significant increase in load times and overall performance, you’ve most likely got a third-party app that’s misbehaving. It’s always a good idea to perform a virus scan on and handsets acting abnormally too. Malware and viruses are easier to come by than you might realize.


Safe Mode on Android

Safe and locked

It’s actually super easy to restart into Safe Mode on Android, and even easier to get out of it. So there’s nothing to fear when going to this handy troubleshooting feature. The following instructions have been created using a Google Pixel 5 running Android 12, but these steps should be transferable to any device.


Hit The Power Button

Press your handset’s power button to bring your power options up on the screen. Hold your finger down over the ‘Power Off’ button to bring up the ‘Reboot To Safe Mode’ prompt, then press OK.


Restart To Exit Safe Mode Android

Safe mode home screen

Once you’ve discovered what app is causing the issue, simply restart your handset to start up your handset normally.

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