Caktus AI pricing – Worth it?

Is it worth it?

Caktus AI offers various pricing plans for its ai writer services.

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Caktus AI is one of many AI platforms that todays students are using as an essay writer for school and college. Artificial intelligence is disrupting the education sector, and the famously non-rich clientele of students are looking for an AI writing tool with a free version. This option offers new variety of AI based tools and applications to assist teachers and students in achieving their full academic potential. These resources include an essay writer, coding assistants, chatbots and more, all designed to enhance the learning process. In addition, it can even be a cover letter or personal statement writer. Writing tools including plagiarism detection, translation, grammar checking and a text summarizer with unlimited usage on a monthly premium plan or a yearly premium plan. But with such a wide range of features for content creation, let’s see if Caktus AI pricing is worth it.

How much does it cost?

There are three payment plans available on the Caktus AI website.

  • Base plan: $14.99/mo
  • Pro plan: $19.99/mo
  • Yearly plan: $8.33/mo

Buying a membership ensures uninterrupted usage of the platform, with unlimited access to all available features.

The pricing page for Caktus AI.
The pricing options for Caktus AI.

Despite this membership cost, users are guaranteed 20,000 credits for free after they have made a Caktus account. These credits act as a virtual currency within the platform, allowing users to try out various features and services. These credits give you enough scope to immerse yourself in the capabilities of Caktus, and help you decide if it’s the right tool for you.

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Overall, while Caktus AI is not free, it does give users a free trial that allows them to explore the potential of the tool and give it a go.

So, how does this pricing compare to other similar Ai tools? Is it really an “an affordable academic resource outside the classroom”?

Other student dedicated AI tools based on an essay writing and an adaptive learning process include the likes of Knewton Alta or Chat GPT Plus.

Knewton Alta is slightly cheaper than Caktus at $9.95 per month, and also offers students the opportunity to pay just $39.95 per semester (about 15 weeks).

Chat GPT Plus is available at $20 a month, and similar to Caktus it allows users to have fast responses and unlimited access to the service, even at peak times. You can read more about ChatGPT on PC Guide.

Is Caktus AI worth it?

Co-founders Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang created the learning platform just last year, in May 2022. The user-friendly interface is worth it for students who need to write complex articles or essays on a wide range of topics or a wide range of text formats in a short space of time.

Learners can use Caktus AI for writing flashcards, to help them pass exams. But, like any other text-based generative AI, the student-focused tool can also be used as a ChatGPT alternative. Concise summaries, blog posts, and citation sources, it can even be used as a javascript writer on either of the pricing plans.

Caktus AI pricing – final thoughts

Overall, Caktus AI seems to offer students a wider variety of educational tools in one application than many other education based Ai programmes on the current market. Therefore, the $14.99 a month price tag is good value for money considering it offers users such a range of functions that really focus on an enhanced learning experience.