Can ChatGPT Teach Math?

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If you’ve been following the increasing abilities of the OpenAI chatbot, you might be keen to know: can ChatGPT teach math?

Teaching or learning mathematics is said to be difficult work for many people. However, it might be more convenient for some people if you learn it from a Chatbot such as the AI-based tool ChatGPT. But is it even possible to learn math using ChatGPT? We will find out about it in the below article.

Can You Learn Maths from ChatGPT?

Learning or teaching math may be challenging for some people. It sometimes involves solving different problems or exercises in a complex way that even requires critical thinking and various attempts. In other words, learning Math is a complex and challenging thing to do.

So can ChatGPT teach math? Yes, ChatGPT can solve simple mathematical equations. However, it may not help you effectively in maths as it requires more in-depth and complex training that ChatGPT still needs to improve.

Compared to a human mind with more capacity for critical and complex thinking, ChatGPT has limited capacity to do so. It only works or would teach a person based on the data it contains. At some point, it would stop generating answers depending on the situation. Put, throw something that it isn’t familiar with, and the Chatbot will fail to answer it.

It is best to use AI-based tools to answer text-based queries and not rely on them for complex learning, like solving mathematical equations or other programming codes, unless they aren’t too deep or complicated.


What is the Best AI Tool for Learning Math?

Many AI tools are made specifically for solving math problems, including Mathway, Photomath, and MyScript Calculator. However, they aren’t as accurate and efficient in teaching or solving math problems as any other AI-based tool.


We recommend using the ChatGPT only for basic to medium-level mathematical learning. Try not rely on it too much. However, if these AI-based tools become more powerful in solving complex or deep equations, they may become more helpful. Until then, look for other online or physical sources to learn math for better results.