Can you sell Stable Diffusion images?

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AI enthusiasts looking to make a quick buck might be keen to know – can you sell Stable Diffusion images?

Since its release, Stable Diffusion has been making significant progress in gathering praise from users worldwide. That is why it has millions of users now. Being an open-sourced AI text-to-image generator, it has lots of different uses. But is it possible to sell the images you create from it despite being an open-sourced and free-to-use AI tool? Let us find out about it in the below read.

Can you sell images generated from Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion is free to use and an open-source tool. Many users claim that the artwork generated using Stable Diffusion is sellable, and why shouldn’t it be? Since the tool is open-source, users have rights over the work, codes, and prompts they use and share. Besides that, users claim that since they are spending time making art. Therefore, it should be sellable.

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Moreover, some users even claim that only paid users can sell the images ahead under their copyright. However, those who are free users can only generate art for personal use and still have to give credit to Stable Diffusion. The StabilityAI has already made it available for commercial and non-commercial use under their permissive license, assuming the users won’t violate their policies while using it.


Can We Sell Dall-E Art?

Yes, selling Dall-E art is not an issue. All users can fully commercialize their artwork generated using Dall-E. This even includes reprinting, selling, and merchandising those images. In addition, the images they generated during the research preview are also eligible. So, you may do whatever you wish with Dall-E-generated art as long as it does not violate their terms of use.


Generating and selling images using Stable Diffusion isn’t too hard. You may be able to sell them too easily. But the real question is, would that even be ethical? Even though many users call it fine since they spend time creating these images. However, their effort is nothing compared to what actual artists give in to create genuine artwork that these AI tools may use. Remember to give credit to the AI tool which you used.