Does Stable Diffusion use other people’s art?

It's a tricky one

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For those trying to get their heads around the sources of AI-generated images, you might be wondering – does Stable Diffusion use other people’s art?

Using the artwork of others is not a cool thing to do. You may end up facing its consequences in various forms. AI image-creating software or programs are sometimes alleged to use other people’s art. Stable Diffusion is an AI image creator that creates images using text prompts. But does it use others’ “art” as an input source? Or does it have a pre-set system for making images? Let’s find out about it in the below read.

Does Stable Diffusion Use Others’ Art?

Using other’s art or their style of creating art can be a serious crime that violates their copyright terms. But these AI-image creators do not own their art, they are effectively developing images using what is available in memory systems or over the internet.

Stable diffusion, for instance, can use a specific artist’s way of creating images if you mention it in the prompt. Unfortunately, a certain group of artists is suing Stable Diffusion and Midjourney for stealing their art and work to train their AI programs.

Similarly, Getty Images recently announced a lawsuit against stable diffusion’s main developer, Stability AI. They say Stability AI is committing copyright violations because they haven’t acquired a license to process millions of images.

Though nothing hasn’t been officially confirmed on whether the stable diffusion is using others’ artwork, with the lawsuits or other alleges it faces, there is a layer of concern among its users. But, it is always possible with AI that it might be using others’ data or work since they don’t have an obvious means of providing data.


So, does Stable Diffusion use other people’s art?

AI-image generators like stable diffusion use human-made images to train their data. This includes scraping images from the web without the full proper consent or knowledge of its owner. 

Therefore, it might be possible that they are using others’ art. However, AI firms claim that US laws cover their practices. Nonetheless, any rights holders disagree with their claims. However, time will decide whether it is right or wrong or whether the AI firms such as Stability AI are even using others’ art.