How To Fix ‘No Valid QR Code Detected’ In Whatsapp

It's a simple fix

Fix 'No Valid QR Code Detected' In Whatsapp - WhatsApp logo image

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Stuck on how to fix the ‘No Valid QR Code detected’ message in Whatsapp? Have no fear – we’re here to help.

WhatsApp is the worlds leading messaging service, it was originally available for iPhone and Android devices. However, recently it was made available as a PC/Mac application or an online experience available on web browsers such as google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you’re trying to log into Whatsapp on your desktop but keep seeing the invalid QR Code error message, you may be feeling frustrated. Fortunately, you can take a few simple steps to fix the problem and get back to using Whatsapp Web Browser on your computer.

Use the following steps to fix ‘No Valid QR Code Detected’ in Whatsapp. And ensure that you follow each one carefully if the issue doesn’t resolve. It could be a specific issue that is affecting you, so don’t skip any if you continue to face the problems.

Fix ‘No Valid QR Code Detected’ in Whatsapp – Step-By-Step



Latest Version of Whatsapp

The first thing you should do is make sure you’re using the latest version of Whatsapp on both your phone and your computer. You may encounter issues when scanning the QR code if you’re using an outdated WhatsApp. To check if you’re using the latest version of Whatsapp, go to the app store on your phone and the download page on your computer and check for updates.



Check Your Internet Connection

Another common reason you might get the invalid QR code error message is a poor internet connection. Ensure that your phone and computer are connected to a good internet connection before scanning the QR code again.



Clear Your Browser Cache

If you’re still having trouble scanning the QR code, try clearing your browser cache. This can help resolve any issues preventing the QR code from loading properly by removing cookies and deleting site data that can cause complications. To clear your browser cache, follow the instructions for your specific browser.



Restart Your Phone and Computer

Sometimes, simply restarting your phone and computer can help to resolve any issues you’re having with scanning the QR code. Make sure to completely shut down both devices and then restart them before attempting to scan the code again.



Clean Phone Camera Lens

Sometimes the issue with the WhatsApp Web QR code not scanning is to do with your phone’s camera lens not being at fault. A dirty lens will prevent the built-in QR code scanner from not working



Try Using a Different Browser

If you still have trouble scanning the QR code, try using a different browser. Sometimes, certain browsers may have issues with scanning QR codes, so switching to a different browser can help to resolve the problem.



Contact Whatsapp Support

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and are still unable to scan the QR code, you may need to contact Whatsapp support for further assistance. You can do this by going to the help section of the Whatsapp website and submitting a support request for an official solution.

What Should I Do If I’m Unable to Scan the QR Code on Whatsapp?

First, ensure you follow the steps in this guide to try and fix the issue. If nothing is working and the issue persists, we’d recommend contacting Whatsapp support for further assistance. You can do this by submitting a support request on the Whatsapp website.

Can I Use Whatsapp on My Computer Without Scanning the QR Code?

No, scanning the QR code is necessary to link your phone to your computer, so you can use Whatsapp on your computer. You will need to complete this step to set up your application.

Final Thoughts

Encountering the “No Valid QR Code Detected” error message can be frustrating. But there are steps you can take to resolve the issue. 

You can get back by ensuring that you’re using the latest version of Whatsapp, checking your internet connection, clearing your browser cache, restarting your phone and computer, trying a different browser, and contacting Whatsapp support if necessary to use Whatsapp on your computer in no time.

Hopefully, these steps should have provided a solution to the ‘No Valid QR Code Detected’ error message, so you can continue to use your WhatsApp account on the web. If you’re still stuck, it might be wise to reach out to the support team.

If you’ve gained access to WhatsApp and are still facing issues then WhatsApp might be temporarily unavailable, read our article on how to fix the issue.