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How to get longer responses from ChatGPT

The simple steps of getting longer responses from ChatGPT

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Last Updated on April 2, 2024
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Who hasn’t heard of ChatGPT by this point? OpenAI’s AI chatbot takes a short input like an instruction, known as a prompt, and generates a realistic chat dialogue. The bot uses a large language model powered by artificial intelligence to generate human-like textual responses to specific questions. Usually, the chatbot generates short answer responses due to ChatGPT’s word limit. But is there a way to get more detailed, in-depth responses from the chatbot? Yes! This can be easily achieved by following the steps outlined below.

Quick answer

Getting longer responses from ChatGPT is a simple process that involves breaking down your prompts, being more descriptive, using the regenerate response button, and more.

How to get longer responses from ChatGPT

Getting more extended responses out of ChatGPT is possible. ChatGPT tends to write briefly, so it usually answers queries in 2-3 sentences or 1-2 short paragraphs. However, that doesn’t mean getting long answers is impossible from AI-generated content. This can come in especially handy if you’re a writer, and are working on an essay or blog post.

Knowing how to get the most out of your conversations with ChatGPT means learning how to talk to the chatbot effectively by generating prompts that it will understand and create detailed responses to. Getting longer responses from ChatGPT is helpful if you’re trying to gain more knowledge on a topic or if you need help with writing an essay.

ChatGPT’s responses can be extended by using the tips and tricks listed in the steps below.



Break down the detailed prompts

Consider breaking it down into multiple sub-questions if you have a complex question. This will allow the ChatGPT interface to provide more detailed answers, better results, and additional information for each part.



Ask it to continue

If you think the response generated by ChatGPT is short, you can always extend it a little more. For example, once the GPT stops generating the answer, write “Continue,” It will start again as a follow-up prompt.



Be more descriptive

By modifying your chatGPT prompts, you can also ask the ChatGPT to generate a more extended response. For instance, you can ask it to generate a 500-word response on your desired topic.



Use the regenerate response button

If you think ChatGPT didn’t reach its word limits and froze before that, you should click the regenerate button. Freezing could be due to your internet connection, internet speed, or even an issue with ChatGPT servers, so we’d advise checking these too. First, however, ensure you are not violating the OpenAI content policy.

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AI tools with longer response lengths

If, after following the steps above, you’re still finding ChatGPT’s response lengths too short. Then perhaps it’s time to look for an alternative AI tool that is more suited to generating longer responses. There are a number of AI tools out there that are dedicated to providing longer response lengths, and aimed at helping longer writing tasks and essays.

Due to the response word limit in ChatGPT users can only receive detailed responses of up to 3,000 words for the free version and 6,000 words for ChatGPT Plus, this means that looking for AI alternatives could be the right option for you.

Listed below are a number of AI tools with longer response lengths than ChatGPT:

If you’re keen to find out more about AI writing tools out there then check out our best AI writing assistant tools guide, where we discuss some of the features and benefits of various AI tools on the market right now.


If you find yourself needing more detail from OpenAI’s helpful chatbot then you may need to learn these simple tips for getting longer responses out of ChatGPT. Try the above few tips to see if they help you to achieve the desired response length. However, if you still feel restricted by the length of your ChatGPT responses then maybe it’s time to consider becoming a member of ChatGPT Plus or finding an alternative AI writing tool that has longer response limits.

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