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How to block someone on WhatsApp – our guide to blocking contacts

Here's how you can quickly block a contact on WhatsApp!
Last Updated on March 8, 2024
Guide on How To Block Someone On WhatsApp.
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If you’re receiving unwanted messages and want to know how to block someone on WhatsApp, we’ve got you covered.

WhatsApp is the world’s premier messaging service with over 2 billion monthly users, and it luckily comes with the option to block people. This can prove to be useful when you’re constantly getting unwanted messages from unknown contacts. Or, you may just want to block someone you no longer want to keep in touch with. Either way, the process of blocking a contact on WhatsApp is pretty simple and will hardly take you a minute.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to block someone on WhatsApp. We’ll also discuss how you can unblock them if you ever change your mind.

How to block a contact on WhatsApp through chat settings

To block someone on WhatsApp, you can follow these simple steps.



Open a chat

First, go to WhatsApp and open the chat of the contact you wish to block.




Access the chat’s settings

Now, click on the three vertical dots and select Settings. Alternatively, you can tap on the contact’s name or number to access the chat settings.

Learn how to block a contact on WhatsApp



Block the contact

Scroll down and tap on the Block button. Once done, the contact will be added to your blocked list, and they can no longer message or call you on WhatsApp.

learn how to block someone on WhatsApp

How to block a contact on WhatsApp through Privacy settings

Alternatively, you can use the Privacy settings to add a contact to your blocked list.



Open the Privacy settings

Open WhatsApp on your phone and click on the three vertical dots. Then, select Settings, and then tap on Privacy.

A screenshot showing the privacy settings option highlighted within WhatsApp's settings menu, illustrating how to block someone.



Add the contact to your blocked list

Now, select Blocked Contacts, and then tap on the + icon located in the top right corner. From here, you can select a contact to get added to your block list.

Screenshot of a smartphone interface displaying how to block someone on WhatsApp, with an arrow pointing to an 'add' icon.

How to unblock someone on WhatsApp?

If you have a change of mind and want to unblock a contact on WhatsApp, don’t worry; the process is as simple as blocking them. Simply head back to the chat settings, scroll down, and tap on Unblock Contact. Once done, they will be able to call and message you on WhatsApp.

How to block a number in WhatsApp without opening the message?

To block someone on WhatsApp without opening their message, simply head over to the Privacy settings > Blocked contacts, and add them to your blocked list from there.

How do you tell if someone blocked you on WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp does not let you know if someone has blocked you, there are a few ways to find it out on your own. For instance, if you can no longer see their last seen, online status, profile picture, and status updates, there’s a high chance you’re blocked by them.

Final Thoughts

Being able to block contact is a great way to prevent unwanted messages from reaching you the feature is discrete so the person on the other end won’t know. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be permanent, unblocking a contact is as easy as blocking them. Hopefully, you now know how to block someone on WhatsApp and can finally put a stop to unwanted messages.

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