Is TruthGPT free?

The Elon Musk inspired chatbot is free to use

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Is TruthGPT free to use? In this article, we explore how much this ChatGPT rival costs to access.

You’ll be happy to hear that TruthGPT is completely free to use online. Although, those looking to unlock ad-free content will have to pay a fee, using its dedicated cryptocurrency $TRUTH.

Developed as a response to Elon Musk’s tweet back in February, TruthGPT stands out from the crowd for its unbiased ‘truth-seeking’ answers.

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Following Musk’s tweet about ChatGPT being designed to be “politically correct,” the demand for an AI that is truly impartial and objective has become more pressing than ever before.

It’s clear that we need to redefine the boundaries of AI to develop a chatbot that can think and communicate without any bias or preconceptions.

That’s where TruthGPT comes in. This AI chatbot’s goal is to exhibit impartiality. Despite its weak performance in ChatGPT-style tasks such as essay-writing and coding, this chatbot does offer something that OpenAI’s bot can’t – “the unbiased truth“.

Instead of picking sides, TruthGPT gathers and analyses information from a diverse range of reputable sources. Providing its users with multiple responses allowing them to form an opinion.

How to access TruthGPT?

You can use TruthGPT for free through its dedicated app which can be found on the App Store, Google Play Store, and via the web.

The chatbot is available for everyone at no cost. However, free users will have ads on their page and are given a certain number of queries per day.

How much is TruthGPT Pro?

Upgrading to TruthGPT Pro grants you access to customizable features, unlimited queries, and an ad-free platform. It is currently unclear how much it costs to upgrade to TruthGPT Pro. But according to the creators, just by purchasing $TRUTH (their dedicated cryptocurrency) users will also receive Pro benefits for free.

Is TruthGPT owned by OpenAI?

Understandably some readers may think that TruthGPT is owned by OpenAI, however, this is not the case. The San Francisco-based AI firm has no involvement or connection to TruthGPT.

Despite being a seemingly key player in TruthGPT’s inception, it appears that Elon Musk does not have any direct ties to the chatbot either. Given that he has also recently launched his own AI firm, X.AI, we would expect Musk to release his own version of an unbiased AI at some point in the future.