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Klarna ChatGPT plugin – what is it?

Level up your shopping experience with the Klarna ChatGPT plugin
Last Updated on March 28, 2023
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OpenAI’s wildly popular chatbot is getting a Klarna ChatGPT plugin! So, what can it do?

Recently, OpenAI launched a new plugin feature for its popular chatbot, ChatGPT. These plugins will enable the bot to access information and features from third-party developers and excitingly, the internet.

Acting as ChatGPT’s “eyes and ears,” according to the creators, these new plugins will provide many new opportunities for its users.

The first wave of plugins has already become available. Including services like Expedia, Klarna, Slack, Wolfram, OpenTable, Shopify, and others. So, let’s have a look at the Klarna plugin and what it will bring to the platform.

How the Klarna plugin works

To access the plugin update, OpenAI has opened up a waitlist. Since the company is prioritizing developers and ChatGPT Plus members, we have done a bit of digging on Klarna’s website to find out what this new plugin can do.

According to Klarna, the new plugin will provide users with a “highly personalized and intuitive shopping experience”. This update will mean that ChatGPT can now offer product recommendations, links to stores and information for users to compare product prices. Essentially, acting as your own personalized shopping assistant.

To gain access to Klarna, users must install the new plugin directly from ChatGPT’s plugin store. Once installed, ChatGPT will be able to draw on Klarna’s selection of items automatically, only if it is relevant to the user’s request.

By clicking on the recommended product links, users will also be taken to Klarna’s search and compare tool, where you can compare prices across its 500,000 retail partners.

Can I download ChatGPT?

At the moment, there is no official ChatGPT app. If you are hoping to use ChatGPT on Android or iOS, your best option is to access the chatbot through OpenAI’s website.

Final Thoughts

Due to OpenAI’s current waiting list, it may be a while before we all have access to the new Klarna ChatGPT plugin.

Nevertheless, this collaboration will undoubtedly redefine the way we all shop online. And is definitely something to get excited about if you are a frequent user of Klarna already.

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