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ChatGPT plugins waitlist – what you need to know

Last Updated on September 11, 2023
ChatGPT waitlist.
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ChatGPT is a fast-moving fact of modern AI access. First released to the public in November 2022 it’s gained huge interest and had millions of users access it. Until now, it’s been isolated as a service. But OpenAI is changing that, which you’ll expect if you’re looking for information on the ChatGPT plugins waitlist.

The waitlist put in place for access to ChatGPT plugins is in line with OpenAI’s rollout of access to the point. Initially limited in availability, ChatGPT became widely available in all but a few countries. Then came ChatGPT Plus, a service that is still being rolled out, and with limited availability.

Why is there a ChatGPT plugin waitlist?

The ChatGPT plugin waitlist follows OpenAI’s phase rollout approach, allowing users to sign up for eventual access to ChatGPT’s newly announced plugin functionality as more access becomes available. With access to build a plugin, users, businesses, and interested parties can develop one for a specific purpose, while benefiting from ChatGPT’s capabilities.

As the waitlist page states OpenAI is “initially prioritizing a small number of developers and ChatGPT Plus users”, and some plugins already exist. An early example is the OpenTable plugin, which allows ChatGPT to search for…open tables at restaurants. OpenAI’s longer-term plan is to “roll out larger-scale access over time”.

ChatGPT plugin waitlist benefits

There are obvious reasons OpenAI has implemented the waitlist of course.


The first is safety, as opening access up to any and everyone without vetting or oversight may cause unfortunate and undesirable outcomes. We already know users want to Jailbreak ChatGPT. Giving everyone access to building a plugin would be ill-advised.


Limiting the access to users and businesses building a plugin allows OpenAI to test the waters with manageable oversight, and iron out any kinks for those building plugins.


It’s not clear what tools users require access to build a plugin (we don’t have access). But the ChatGPT plugin waitlist can ease access to any tools and systems that are required for plugins to function. Fewer people testing a product allows for better support where needed.

Can I join the ChatGPT plugin waitlist?

Yes. In theory, anyone interested in joining the waitlist can. The form is public, and there seem to be no restrictions. However, it would make sense that developers or users with a specific (or perhaps unique) need to build a plugin may be able to provide information and feedback in specific areas OpenAI wants to test.

ChatGPT plugin waitlist time

We don’t know how long the ChatGPT plugin waitlist time will be. ChatGPT doesn’t provide information as to how or when it will select users (or businesses) from the waitlist. If you have a genuine desire or need to build a plugin, the best bet is to sign up and accurately provide your information.

How do I add plugins to ChatGPT?

If you’ve been granted access through the waiting list, you can now customize your ChatGPT experience with plugins. Simply, visit the Plugin store, browse through the list, and select the plugins you’d like to add.

Click the ‘install’ button to add them to ChatGPT. To use your new plugins, head back to your ChatGPT window and ask a question, just like you would before. The chatbot will now have access to third-party features and knowledge.

Final thoughts

It’s clear that introducing plugin integration to ChatGPT is an advancement for OpenAI. As well, it’s an important change in the field of user-facing AI for the GPT model. With internet access – albeit limited – being added via the Bing API, ChatGPT will be able to do more and meet more needs.

As such, it’s an interesting move forward. But it makes sense that OpenAI has put the ChatGPT plugin waitlist in place for now.

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