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Wolfram ChatGPT plugin – what is it?

Wolfram joins forces with ChatGPT - explore this new plugin below
Last Updated on April 5, 2023
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OpenAI’s infamous chatbot is getting a Wolfram ChatGPT plugin. So, what is it?

On March 23, OpenAI launched a brand-new plugin feature for its infamous chatbot, ChatGPT. Set to enhance the current language model’s capabilities, these plugins will enable ChatGPT to access information and features from third-party developers and the internet.

According to OpenAI, these new plugins will be the “eyes and ears” for ChatGPT – opening up countless new possibilities for its users. So, let’s have a look at the Wolfram plugin and what it will bring to the platform.

Wolfram plugin features

ChatGPT is now offering the option for some users to install a Wolfram plugin that will give them access to “computation, math, curated knowledge and real-time data” from Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Language.

This functionality will seamlessly integrate into ChatGPT, so when you ask the AI bot a question, it will automatically draw information from Wolfram.

In a blog post, Wolfram showed ChatGPT being able to do mathematical integration, graph plotting, question-answering and even visual Jupiter’s moons.

Essentially, you will be able to access the best bits of Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Languauge easily through ChatGPT.

So, does how it work? The mechanism is a bit complicated but we will outline the main steps involved.

Firstly, when you send ChatGPT a query, it will reword it and send it over to Wolfram to compute. Wolfram will then respond, giving ChatGPT the answer. Finally, it is now down to ChatGPT’s advanced processing techniques to reiterate the answer back to you. Sound simple enough?

If you are interested in seeing what else this plugin can do, we highly recommend heading over to the Wolfram site to have a look for yourself.

What are ChatGPT plugins?

As the name suggests, ChatGPT plugins are software add-ons set to enhance ChatGPT’s current functionality.

These new plugins will give the bot access to a vast array of knowledge from third-party partners, as well as real-time information from the internet.

To develop these tools OpenAI enlisted developers to design dedicated plugins for ChatGPT. The initial set of plugins has already been launched, featuring popular platforms such as Expedia, Klarna, Slack, Wolfram, OpenTable, Shopify, and others.

This plugin update is sure to level-up ChatGPT’s already impressive abilities, making it an even more powerful tool for users.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, ChatGPT plugins are only available to small group of developers and ChatGPT Plus users. If you are interested in trying it out, read our dedicated waitlist article here.

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