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What is Chinchilla AI?

Presenting Chinchilla AI, DeepMind's AI language model
Last Updated on April 20, 2023
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AI language models are in the spotlight right now. With the recent release of OpenAI’s chatbot Chat GPT, many are curious about what other AI models are out there. That’s where we come in. We present to you, Chinchilla AI!

Chinchilla AI is an artificial intelligence language model created in 2022 by Google’s AI firm, DeepMind. Funnily enough, it is often dubbed the ‘GPT killer’.

The model runs in a similar manner to other natural language processing (NLP) models such as GPT-3 and Gopher. However, according to DeepMind, Chinchilla AI completely outperforms these tools.

According to GPT 3 Demo, the new model uses the “same compute budget as Gopher” but is vastly superior. They claim the model uses seventy billion parameters and uses four times more data.

Unsurprisingly, these results are highly interesting. Many scientists have found it fascinating that this model manages to outperform its competitors using far fewer parameters. To find out more, you can access DeepMind’s research paper here to see the nitty-gritty details about how this model performs.

Chinchilla AI technology has the potential to develop a plethora of AI applications. As more and more businesses implement AI into their functions, this area becomes increasingly interesting.

DeepMind has released potential uses of Chinchilla AI. Here is a summary of them:

  • Improve digital products by automating processes and improving business judgment.
  • Create chatbots
  • Create virtual assistants
  • Develop video game characters
  • Build predictive models

Where to use Chinchilla AI?

Despite its release in March 2022, there is no way for the public to access DeepMind’s Chinchilla AI. According to the tech firm, the model is currently undergoing testing. But once introduced, we expect Chinchilla AI to produce a fair fight against other publicly available tools such as Chat GPT.

What is the size of Chinchilla language model?

DeepMind’s Chinchilla AI is relatively small compared to its direct competitors GPT-3 and Gopher. The model was built using 70 billion parameters compared to 208 billion for Gopher and 175 billion for GPT-3.

What is the alternative to Chinchilla AI?

There is a bunch of large language model chatbots that work in a similar way to Chinchilla AI. Some alternatives include OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Jasper Chat.

Final Thoughts

AI language models like Chat GPT, which are publicly available, have become extremely popular. And it is without a doubt, a very exciting prospect that DeepMind is getting closer to releasing its own version of an AI model to the public soon.

DeepMind has revealed some details about Chinchilla, but not much is publicly known yet. So to stay in the loop, follow DeepMind’s Twitter account as the tech firm tends to release the most recent information there.

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