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What is Claude Instant? Explained

Claude's speedier sibling
Last Updated on August 14, 2023
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Wondering what Claude Instant is? You’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explain some of the key info on Anthropic’s lightweight chatbot. This AI assistant has got similar characteristics to ChatGPT, the famous OpenAI chatbot. However, it has some special features. Read on for more information.

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What is Claude Instant? 

Claude Instant is a quicker alternative to Claude, which is a cutting-edge, in depth AI text generator. Both use written prompts inputted by the user, run off a large language model and reinforcement learning, and promise a high degree of reliability and accuracy. They have also been reported as displaying higher levels of creativity. Claude Instant is the faster model, offering services like summarizing topics, writing assistance with essays, articles and other long-form text, Q&A, and calculations.

Claude Instant is also less expensive than the full version of Claude. If you are on a particularly tight budget, this might be something to consider.

What are some of the features of Claude Instant?

You might have come across Claude technology before. As a closed Alpha, it was used by Quora in its Poe AI chat feature, and DuckDuckGo’s DuckAssist. However, Claude Instant is now available to buy for your business or personal use. This chatbot has some specific features which set it apart both from the more extensive version of Claude and other AI chatbot competitors. We’ve outlined some of the biggest scoring points below.

Great value

Claude Instant costs $1.63 per million tokens to prompt, and $5.51 per million tokens of completed character output – with a context window of 100k tokens. This is pretty great value for money, especially when you take into consideration the capabilities of the app – it can ‘edit, rewrite, summarize, classify, extract structured data, do Q&A based on the content, and more‘. You can set up Claude Instant in your workspace the same as you would Claude – it is just quicker and less in-depth.

Speedy timings

Clue’s in the name – the responses from Claude Instant are, well instant. Latency is next to none, and you can expect low waiting times. This is perfect for sites receiving a lot of traffic.

Concise, simple dialogue 

If you need to answer simple questions, Claude Instant is definitely the chatbot to go for. Especially for frequent queries from potential customers. 

Claude Instant 1.2

Anthropic has recently seen Claude Instant get an impressive update from 1.1 to 1.2. The update incorporates some of the strengths of the Claude 2 model, including improvements in key areas like math, coding, reasoning, and safety. Its natural language capabilities have also had a big boost. Instant 1.2 now outperforms 1.1 in many aspects, achieving 58.7% on the Codex evaluation compared to 52.8% in the previous version. It scored 86.7% on the GSM8K benchmark, compared to 80.9% for Instant 1.1.

Importantly, the model has also improved on safety, and has now been reinforced to be more resistant to jailbreaks, and to hallucinate less. Moreover, Anthropic has kept the price of Claude Instant the same, meaning you can benefit from these improved features at no added cost.

Gloria’s Thoughts

Claude Instant is a simple yet effective AI tool which can help with your workflow, customers or just personal use. It is available both as chat interface and API. 

If you want to know more about the more detailed Claude plan, check out our guide here.

As a tech and AI writer for PC Guide, Gloria is interested in what new technology means for the future of consumer electronics and digital and broadcast journalism.