What is Google Bard?

Google's answer to Chat GPT is coming

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Latest news: From March 21, Google Bard will be available to the public. Simply, sign up to their waiting list on the Google Bard website to be granted access!

Google have entered the AI chatbot game, with the launch of their conversational language model, Google Bard. What is Google Bard? It’s a online, publicly available chatbot powered by artificial intelligence.

The service uses information gathered from the internet to generate answers to questions inputted by the user, in a conversational style mimicking human speech patterns. Google announced the launch of the chatbot a couple of days ago, but it is currently only available to a small group of ‘trusted testers’. That’s expected to change over the next couple of weeks.

The service is intended as a counter to Chat GPT, the wildly popular chatbot created by OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft. Bard will provide the same functions – answering general queries, creating texts from prompts – ranging from poems to essays – and generating code. Essentially, it should provide whatever text you ask it to.

What makes Google Bard different from Chat GPT?

Well, it’s specialized to Google’s search engine results. What’s more, it may take a pivotal role in search engine results. Rather than the most suitable page Google finds online relating to a query, Google Bard may answer a question inputted in the Google search bar, using information collated from the internet.

Furthermore, think about Google’s massive reach. It has around one billion daily users compared to Chat GPT’s 100 million. This means far more people will interact with the language model, shaping its development with a massive amount of feedback.

Google Bard runs on Google’s LaMDA – Language Model for Dialogue Application – which they have been developing for some time. This apparently needs less power than Chat GPT’s GPT 3.5 system, so can cater for more users at once.

Final Thoughts

Google Bard is an exciting prospect. Using AI to optimize search engine results, lessening the need to read through click-baity articles, finding the best and simplest answer straight away… what could be more useful?

We’re looking forward to gaining access to this AI chatbot. Although we will have to wait like everyone else to see exactly how Google Bard will look. In the meantime, there are some Google Bard alternatives to consider, depending on your needs.