Can Google Bard write essays?

Excitement is building around Google's forthcoming chatbot

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So, you’ve heard about the Google Bard chatbot, but wondering whether it can write essays?

Well, we cannot say for sure as Google Bard is not yet fully available to the public. But we would bet, given what we know so far about Bard and the capabilities of other chatbots, that you will be able to use Google Bard to write essays.

This is because conversational language models, like Chat GPT, use information gathered from text written by humans, across the internet. They are then able to mimic human speech, so can write answers to essay questions in the way a person would. From what we know about Google Bard, it will operate in a similar way to other chatbots, so should be able to write essays.

You’ll probably be able to use Google Bard to write essays ranging from answers to academic questions, to op-eds. This is very useful for students lacking time – but beware, there’s no guarantee you won’t get caught cheating!

Can you write essays with Google Bard?

Judging from what we know about Google’s chatbot so far, it will run off LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). This is technology developed by Google designed to mimic human speech, so Bard will be able to generate text which looks like it was written by a human. It will be able to write jokes, poems, speeches… and essays too.

Google will be competing with the chatbots currently available on the internet, like Chat GPT, which have shown they can generate a wide variety of essays. With the time and effort put into Bard by Google, we’re expecting that these will be some seriously A-grade answers.

Final Thoughts

We’re expecting Google Bard to have all the capabilities demonstrated by chatbots so far. This means writing essays should be no problem. You’ll be able to do this by typing a request into the chatbot, such as ‘write a 600 word essay on recent developments in feminist thought’. This is big news for students strapped for time.

We’ll be able to discuss the capabilities of Google Bard when it is made fully available to the public. For more information about the release date of the chatbot, check out our guide here.