Can Google Bard create images?

Does Bard have image generation capabilities?

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As we edge closer to the release date of Google Bard, you may be curious about the AI bot’s abilities. In particular, can Google Bard create images?

Bard is set to be Google’s new-swanky AI chatbot assistant, which will be integrated into their flagship search engine. The conversational chatbot is built upon Google’s highly-advanced large language model, LaMDA.

What makes this model unique, is that it will be able to draw upon Google’s 50 billion indexed websites. Bringing you “fresh, high-quality responses”, completely revolutionizing the way you access information online.

From what it seems, Bard will be versatile. In an already-released demo video, the AI bot is shown to answer users’ requests in a chatty, conversational manner.

But, can Google Bard create images? At the moment, it is not exactly clear what this bot can do. Considering Google has only showcased Bard responding to queries in the form of text, it is highly unlikely it will be able to generate images.

You may also be wondering, can Google Bard create images from text? Unfortunately, not. Save your disappointment, however.

Google is currently developing a dedicated text-to-image diffusion model which does have the ability to create photo-realistic images from a text description. It appears that this new model, Imagen, will join Google’s ever-expanding lineup of AI technologies.

How do you use Bard chatbot?

At the moment, only a small number of “trusted testers” can use Google Bard. It seems that Google was once accepting applications to join the Bard Beta Testing group. Yet, it now appears that the position is no longer open.

However, following a statement made by Google’s CEO, we expect Bard to be available to the public within the next month or so. Once released, it seems that Bard will be fully integrated into Google Search, giving you automatic access to the bot whenever you submit a search request.

Final Thoughts

It is not completely clear whether or not Bard will be able to create images. Considering Google has already showcased most of the model’s capabilities, we can safely assume that generating images isn’t one of them.

If you are looking for an AI-powered image generator from Google, it may be worth checking out Imagen. For more articles just like this, why not read Is Bard AI free next?