What can Google Bard do?

Can this language model do it all?

Google Bard multimodal AI chatbot powered by Gemini model.

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Google Bard is finally here! Well, only in the US and UK. Those who have access to the tech giant’s new swanky AI chatbot may be wondering – What can Google Bard do?

Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard will be able to converse with you in a very human-like manner. Just by sending in a prompt in the form of text, Bard will work its magic to generate an answer to your request.

According to the creators, Bard will “boost your productivity, accelerate your ideas and fuel your curiosity”. This is a pretty bold statement, to say the least. So, what can Bard actually do?

Google Bard uses

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of Google Bard. To give our readers some inspiration we have summarised a list of possible Google Bard uses below.

Ask it any question

We really mean any questions here, Bard has knowledge of the entire internet.

Generate creative content

If you are having a mental block, Bard can help complete any creative task. For example, you can ask the bot to write a story, draft a social media post and compose song lyrics – to name a few.

Write code

Despite the bot claiming it can’t code, Bard is an excellent programmer. From our own tests, Bard will be able to write code in Python, Java, C++, and SQL. We expect other languages too.

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Google Bard limitations

Bard is built upon Google’s large language model LaMDA and operates by taking in information from the internet to generate responses that mimic human speech.

Unfortunately, the tool isn’t perfect. The AI chatbot even reveals this by saying “I have limitations and won’t always get it right”. This is no surprise, though. Other AI chatbots, such as ChatGPT and Microsoft’s new Bing, use large language models to operate and are also not completely accurate. And, it is very difficult to be given the nature of the internet data they are trained on.

Google Bard is also a very casual tool – it is not meant to replace Google Search. Despite being fairly powerful, it is still only in the experimental phase.

Is Bard launched by Google?

Yes, Bard is Google’s newest AI chatbot. It was officially launched to the public on March 21 for users in UK and US.

Final Thoughts

Google’s new AI chatbot has finally arrived! The tech giant hasn’t really revealed much about what this model can do, so the best way to find out is through testing the bot yourself.

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