How to fix PS5 DualSense controller stick drift

Keep your controller working perfectly with these tips

How to fix stick drift on PS5

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Are you searching for how to fix stick drift on your PS5 DualSense controller? You’ve come to the right place as we will take you through the process of how to fix, limit, and prevent the effects of stick drift on your controller. Stick drift is a common issue where the analog stick appears to input without intention, so you may see characters moving unintentionally, or your aim drifitng across the screen.

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How to fix stick drift on your PS5 – step-by-step guide



Clean your controller

Make sure to clean your controller regularly. A common cause of stick drift is a build up of dirt in and around the analog sticks. Cleaning your controller is not just beneficial in preventing stick drift, but also in keeping all the inputs healthy.

Cleaning your controller is easy. For the main body of the controller, use a slightly damp cloth (and isopropyl alcohol if you have any) to wipe the surface. To clean around the analog sticks, use the same method but with a Q-tip or cotton bud to clean the had to reach areas.



Manual reset

Cleaning your controller regularly won’t always do the trick. Another method you can try is manually resetting your DualSense controller. There is a small resest button located on the back of your controller to the right of the Sony label. Using a paper clip or safety pin, press and hold this button for five seconds whilst your controller is off to reset it.


Check for any software updates for your controller. This is unlikely to be the cause of drift, but it may help.



Reset your mechanism

Games such as Fortnite require you to press in your analog stick. This can be a cause of drift if done so for long periods of time. Simply lift the problematic stick slightly out of its groove and give it a few rotation before gently pressing it back in to help reset central mechanism.



Adjust your input threshold

There is a reason we left this step until last as it will require changing your settings for each game you play. Adjusting your input threshold (or deadzone) on your controller means changing how far is the range of movement of your stick is before the game registers it as an input. This will nullify the majority of drift issues.


Not all games will have this, but for many FPS games the option is available.

✓ Mike’s advice

Don’t be silly

When trying to fix your controller, do not take it apart. This will void any warranty you may have. Try not to get the controller too wet while cleaning, water and electrics don’t work well together. Oh, and don’t throw your controller in rage next time you lose a match!

How do I fix stick drift on PS5 fortnite?

The best method to fix stick drift while playing Fortnite on your PS5 is to head into your controller settings in the game. From here, find the deadzone settings, and adjust them accordingly. These control how far the range of movement if for your analog stick before the game registers it as an input.

How do I reset my PS5 controller?

Using a tool such as a paper clip, locate a small hole on the back of your DualSense controller. Press and hold this down for five seconds to reset your controller.

Final thoughts

That’s it for learning how to fix stick drift on your PS5 controller. While some of these methods may not fix your stick drift entirely, they can limit the effects of it, and in some cases, completely nullify the problem while you are enjoying your favourite games.