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What’s After Alder Lake?

Last Updated on May 10, 2023
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Intel is not what it used to be back in the day. Apple has transitioned to its silicon, and AMD is also proving to be a worthy opponent. Intel had to adapt new hybrid architecture when it released its 12th Gen Alder Lake.

This chip was superior in both battery life and performance. But now, the company has to innovate continuously, and it is about to bring out its 13th Gen chipset, Raptor Lake

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What’s the Release Date of Intel’s Raptor Lake?

Intel confirmed in one of its investor meetings in February of 2022 that its 13th Gen CPU chips are on the way and will release in the later part of 2022. 

In these meetings, Intel showed a system powered by the Raptor Lake processing chip to erase all doubts.

The company holds its innovation event in the last week of September, so we expect to see these chips in that event on the 27th or 28th of September. And they are rumored to go on sale in the middle of October – perhaps October 17.

We will then have to wait until next year for other processor chips for desktops and laptop integration. The latest to be released will be expected around January 2023. 

How Much Will Intel Rapor Lake Cost? 

We still don’t have a clear picture of how much these chips will cost. But we can get an idea from the current generation of Rocket Lake chips. The Core i5, 11400K chips cost around $157 to $182 USD, while Core i5 11600K chips cost about $237 to $262 USD. 

Core i7 11700K chips cost approximately $374 to $399. And Core i9 11900K processor chips range from $513 to $539 USD.

The Raptor Lake chips for laptops won’t be standalone components. Instead, they will be sold as integrated components if Intel releases them on the same date.

So, the price for these chips will depend not only on the manufacturer but also on the system’s design and specs. 

What will be the Raptor Lake Specifications?

These processors will come with a hybrid architecture and will likely have 8 performance cores with 16 efficiency cores. Intel is looking to achieve performance improvements in double-digit percentages compared to Alder Lake. 

Raptor Lake may adopt a modular construction, and Intel may be able to integrate its Arc GPUs as well.

The initial line-up of the Raptor Lake series is expected to have six performance cores and eight efficiency cores in the Core i5 13600K.

Meanwhile, there could be eight performance and efficiency cores in Core i7 13700K, eight performance cores, and 16 efficiency cores in the Core i9 13900K. 


Things are looking pretty much on the brighter side after Alder Lake. Intel is not only focusing on innovation, it will also boost the power and performance capabilities of the new line of CPUs it will release very soon. 

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