Black Friday Gaming Monitor deal: Save $40 on the 27″ Nitro

This could be the perfect gaming monitor for you this Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Gaming Monitor deal

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If you’re after a Black Friday gaming monitor deal then why not consider the Full HD Nitro by Acer? Amazon is currently selling the monitor at $40 off its list price, so you can get the $180 monitor for $140. Not a bad bargain, eh?

This particular Nitro model has a 165Hz refresh rate, too, so you get smoother visuals from your games. Assuming your GPU can handle that rate, and if it can’t, why not look for a Black Friday GPU bargain?

Even better, this Nitro monitor has AMD FreeSync technology to prevent graphics tearing, which further enhances visual quality. The monitor synchronises with your AMD graphics card to prevent tearing. That translates into your gaming pleasure, so it’s a great feature to have.

This monitor has a 1ms response time. Faster response times can produce better graphical fidelity, smoother visuals and reduce effects such as ghosting. Another visual nicety is HDR10, which provides deeper levels of black and white contrast for improved clarity.

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Curved and observed

A neat feature of modern gaming monitors is curvature, and this Nitro monitor is a 1500R curved monitor. That means that this Nitro monitor has a 1,500mm radius that defines its curve. A curved monitor can be easier on the eyes and provide greater immersion in the game.

This is a Full HD monitor, so it has a 1,920×1,080 resolution. While that’s not as desirable as a 4K or 8K resolution it’s entirely fine for a 27in monitor.

Sadly, there’s no USB hub, but that would be a luxury on a gaming monitor at this price. Amazon does say it has two HDMI 2.0 ports and one DisplayPort 1.4 port, which isn’t bad and provides setup flexibility for multiple devices.

The monitor has two two-Watt speakers, so while they won’t replace more powerful speakers for gaming they’re a nice feature to have in lieu of anything else.

This Black Friday Gaming Monitor deal could be a good choice given its price cut and if it’s within your budget, so check out its Amazon deal page.