Black Friday AMD Deals in 2022

How to get the best deals on all things team red

AMD Black Friday

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Black Friday AMD deals in 2022 are an ideal way to save a good chunk of change on some of team red’s graphics cards and processors. Simply put, if Radeon GPUs and Ryzen processors are what you want to run inside your machine, then you’re not going to want to miss out on these offers.

It’s a big year in the world of PC gaming. The brand is shortly to release its Ryzen 7000 series, with Zen 4 architecture proving incredibly powerful from the results we’ve had our hands on. That’s what makes the Black Friday AMD deals as promising as they are, as while rates on the latest Zen 4 chipsets aren’t guaranteed, there’s always a chance here. Not to mention the video cards.

Best Black Friday AMD CPU deals 2022

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Save $141.02

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-core 12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

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AMD Black Friday GPU deals

We’re keeping an eye on GPUs too, this Black Friday. AMD Radeon graphics cards have been slow to show discounts, but there may be some deals on the day. We’ll add any top deals right below!

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Save $150

GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6600 Eagle 8G Graphics Card WINDFORCE 3X

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Where to find the best Black Friday AMD deals

Getting your hands on some of the best Black Friday AMD deals doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve kept our eyes on many different storefronts over the years and like to think we know a good deal when we see one. Here’s what you can expect from trusted retailers right now ahead of the date itself.

When do Black Friday AMD deals start in 2022?

Black Friday itself is slated for November 25, but that’s not the whole story. You see, we’ve observed the offers themselves rolling in earlier than that and throughout Cyber Week too. In a trend that can be described as a bit of a free-for-all, many retailers tend to battle things out to fight for your money. This means competitive rates for you if you know how to shop around effectively.

How to get the best Black Friday AMD deals in 2022

It should come as no surprise, but you get the best Black Friday AMD deals by opening as many avenues as you can. While one storefront, such as Amazon or Best Buy, can offer attractive savings, keeping a close watch on all relevant retailers means you can compare and contrast. Newegg could have AMD items cheaper or vice versa.

Another thing to keep in mind is the pricing histories of AMD products. With the Ryzen 5000 processor line now in its twilight era, we should be seeing historic lowest-ever prices across the board. Same, too, with the Radeon 6000 series of graphics cards in the face of Nvidia’s upcoming generation. Honey (for Amazon) and CamelCamelCamel (everything else) is your ticket here.

These browser extensions allow you to view an accurate and up-to-date account of particular AMD products. The former is exclusively for Amazon and the latter works across basically every online site you can imagine. Knowing the actual market value, and not just MSRP will help you invest in team red items without buyers’ remorse.

What to consider with Black Friday AMD deals


AMD’s gaming processors are known as the Ryzen line. The current generation is the 5000 series, with the 7000 line right around the corner. Regardless of generation, they come in three distinct varieties; Ryzen 5, 7, and 9. The higher the numbers, the more cores, and threads which leads to better overall performance. The upcoming generation uses socket AM5 Mobos and not AM4.

Graphics cards

AMD graphics cards cover everyone from budget gamers all the way up to the power users. The most recent GPU generation is the Radeon RX 6000 series, and this spans many different graphics cards, such as the budget 6400 and the 6500 XT. Mid-range options include 6600, 6600 XT, 6650 XT, 6700, 6700 XT, 6750 XT. For the higher-end, 6800, 6800 XT, 6900, 6900 XT, and 6950 XT.

Are AMD graphics cards worth it?

AMD graphics cards may, arguably, lack the same name-brand appeal as Nvidia RTX, but they generally represent good value for money. The highest-end of RDNA 2 architecture GPUs are also significantly cheaper than the competition than what team green is offering.

Who makes the better processors, AMD or Intel?

Currently speaking, it’s looking like the Ryzen 7000 series will outperform the current Intel 12th Gen. However, things could be changing in the near future when Raptor Lake finally launches. Regardless, team red is known for its prowess when it comes to all things processors and the benchmarks don’t lie.