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Black Friday Gotham Knights deals in 2023

How to save on the Bat Family's outing
Last Updated on October 27, 2023
Black Friday Gotham Knights
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If you’re an avid Batman fan then the Black Friday Gotham Knights deals should definitely be on your radar. This title marks the first game in the series since Arkham Knight over seven years ago. Unlike prior titles, though, this one focuses on co-operative play with Bruce Wayne, seemingly, absent from proceedings. Instead, the Bat Family takes up the mantle to clean up crime.

We have a good feeling about the upcoming Black Friday Gotham Knights deals. This is because, historically, the Batman games tend to feature discounts shortly after release depending on the platform. If you’ve wanted to see what’s next in the lineup for Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin with the big guy M.I.A, then the winter sales events could have you covered.

Where to pre-order Gotham Knights

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Where will the Black Friday Gotham Knights deals be?

We’ve already got a good indication of what the Black Friday Gotham Knight deals could look like some a few retailers down below. In particular, CD Keys, who is offering £13 off the RRP of the game. Based on this logic, we could easily see up to $15 – $20 off the title in the US. Here’s what to expect from choice retailers down below:

When does Gotham Knights come out?

Gotham Knights is set for release on October 21, which is around five weeks before Black Friday takes place. The game has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the wider Batman mythos, and gamers wanting to play as characters who haven’t had their time in the spotlight yet.

Are the Black Friday Gotham Knights deals worth waiting for?

Given that we’re already seeing pre-order deals on Gotham Knights, it’s highly likely that discounts will be in full force come November. We wouldn’t be shocked to see more deals in the weeks succeeding launch. What’s more, because Gotham Knights primiarly appears to be an online co-op game, sharing the experience with friends becomes more accessible, too.

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