Black Friday Splatoon 3 deals in 2023

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Black Friday Splatoon 3

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If there’s one thing we know about Nintendo games it’s that they keep their value. Enter the Black Friday Splatoon 3 deals, and likely the only opportunity we could see for the big N’s latest multiplayer shooter to have its sticker price slashed. We’re bringing you everything we’re expecting to see from the winter sales events below.

It’s been a big year for Nintendo releases as the Switch enters its fifth year on the market. The Black Friday Splatoon 3 deals could see one of the highest-rated new titles on the market selling cheaper, making the splatter-friendly shooter more accessible to kids and families.

Where to buy Splatoon 3

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Where to find the best Black Friday Splatoon 3 deals

There are quite a few retailers stocking Splatoon 3 right now, but deals aren’t quite guaranteed. However, if we look historically, then offers could happen. Splatoon 2 is now selling for around $48, which is a 22% saving on MSRP. Prior to this new lowest MSRP, we saw Splatoon 2 hit a historic lowest-ever price at Amazon over the winter sales event last year. It’s encouraging.

Will Splatoon 3 be discounted on Black Friday?

While nothing is set in stone, we saw the previous lowest-ever price on the proceeding game after the winter sales event last year. This leads us to believe that Splatoon 3 could enjoy a discount on November 25, or earlier. If we were to take a conservative guess, we could see around $5 to $10 knocked off the asking price, which could tempt some earlier adopters.

Do I need Nintendo Switch Online to play Splatoon 3?

While there is a single-player component to Splatoon 3, you’re going to need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to make the most out of your new game. Fortunately, the hardware manufacturer’s service isn’t as expensive as the other two companies in the console game. A 12-month subscription retails for $19.99, with a 3-month plan selling for $7.99. That’s $1.6 per month.

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