Black Friday Sonic Frontiers deals in 2022

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Black Friday Sonic Frontiers

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The Black Friday Sonic Frontiers deals are now live. The Blue Blur’s latest flagship title is already vastly discounted amid this winter sales event, with some retailers gifting as much as $20 off the new release. 

With the game now available for all fans to enjoy, that’s a sizable chunk to be taken off of Sega’s new open-zone title. The company’s mascot hasn’t had a mainline game for over five years, making these Black Friday Sonic Frontiers deals an ideal time to pick this game up for less.

Where to pre-order Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is finally out, with retailers dropping prices on one of the most hotly anticipated games this year. Should you want to get in early on day one this Black Friday, this is where to find the title at affordable rates.

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33% off

Sonic Frontiers – PlayStation 5

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33% off

Sonic Frontiers – Nintendo Switch

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33% off

Sonic Frontiers – PlayStation 4

Editor’s pick

Sonic Frontiers – Xbox Series X

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Where to find the best Black Friday Sonic Frontiers deals

Sonic Frontiers is seeing some major discounts on Black Friday, but the game isn’t available on every site imaginable. We do know which retailers are most likely to have discounts for Black Friday. This is what you can expect from those outlets right now:

When will Sonic Frontiers be released?

Sonic Frontiers was released on November 8th in all territories. All versions of the game across every platform have been debuted day-in-day with each other. All prices have dropped below the standard MSRP due to limited demand, poor reviews, and holiday sales.

Will Sonic Frontiers be discounted on Black Friday?

Yes, Sonic Frontiers is being discounted heavily this Black Friday. The coveted sales event takes place officially on November 25th this year, yet discounts are already live at most stores.

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