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Cyber Monday Z690 motherboard deals in 2023 – what to expect

Cyber Monday Z690 Motherboards deals to save you time and money!
Last Updated on November 19, 2023
Cyber Monday Z690 motherboard deals
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If you are looking for the best Cyber Monday Z690 motherboard deals, then you have landed on the right page.

This year, the Cyber Monday sale will kick off on November 27th, and we are expecting some impressive discounts on motherboards and other PC components in general. However, if you cannot wait to build your rig, then we have bunched together some amazing deals on the Z690 motherboards available right now. With that said, we will be updating this page on Cyber Monday to bring you some of the best deals.

Now, the Z690 motherboard supports Intel 12th gen, 13th gen, as well as 14th gen processors, which means you will be to build some powerful rigs. Plus, you get slots for DDR5 RAM sticks, so you can expect faster memory. And while the final configuration will depend on the motherboard you choose, you can expect good performance overall.

With that being said, if want a Z690 motherboard right away, then we have rounded up some of the best deals on it here. Or you can wait until Cyber Monday to grab the discounts.

Best Z690 Motherboard deals in 2023

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Editor’s pick
Save 17% NOW!

MSI MPG Z690 Edge WiFi DDR4 Gaming Motherboard

(ATX, 12th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1700 Socket, DDR4, PCIe 4, CFX, M.2 Slots, Wi-Fi 6)
Editor’s pick
Save 46% NOW!


(LGA 1700/ Intel Z690/ ATX/ DDR5/ Quad M.2/ PCIe 5.0/ USB 3.2 Gen2X2/ Type-C/ WiFi 6/ 2.5GbE LAN/ Gaming Motherboard)
Save 12% NOW!


(ROG x Evangelion) Z690 ATX Gaming motherboard, DDR5,PCIe® 5.0, Wi-Fi 6E, 5xM.2, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 front-panel connector with Quick Charge 4+ Support, 2xThunderbolt™ 4)
Save 17% NOW!

ASUS ROG Maximus Z690

Formula (WiFi 6E) LGA1700 (Intel 12th Gen) ATX Water cooling gaming motherboard (PCIe 5.0,DDR5,20+1 power stages,LiveDash 2”OLED,5xM.2,2xThunderbolt 4,PCIe 5.0 Hyper M.2 Card bundled)
Save 23% Now!

MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 ProSeries Motherboard

(ATX, 12th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1700 Socket, DDR4, PCIe 4, CFX, M.2 Slots)
Save 23% Now!

ASUS Prime Z690-A LGA 1700

(Intel 12th) ATX Motherboard (16+1 DrMOS,PCIe 5.0,DDR5,4X M.2, Intel 2.5 Gb LAN,USB 3.2 Gen 2 Front Panel Type-C,Thunderbolt™ 4,Aura Sync RGB Lighting)
Save 46% Now!


(LGA 1700/ Intel Z690/ ATX/ DDR5/ Quad M.2/ PCIe 5.0/ USB 3.2 Gen2X2/ Type-C/ WiFi 6/ 2.5GbE LAN/ Gaming Motherboard)

Where to find the best Z690 motherboard Cyber Monday deals?

On Cyber Monday, if you are planning to shop online, then you will find discounts on websites like Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and the likes. Plus, you can also check out specialist tech websites as well as manufacturers’ websites to see if there are any Cyber Monday promotions going on.

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When will Z690 motherboard Cyber Monday sales start in 2023?

The Cyber Monday sales officially occur on November 28 this year, as that’s the first Monday after Thanksgiving. However, the sales will start before that, as with the Black Friday sales. Indeed, you might want to pick up an early bargain in the Black Friday sales.

How to get the best Cyber Monday Z690 motherboard deals in 2023?

Make sure you research Z690 motherboards so that you know which ones are compatible with your existing or new components. Also, make sure that you set a budget so that you know how much you can afford to spend on your new motherboard.

Once you’ve researched them, make a shortlist of Z690 motherboards that meet your needs and requirements, then search for deals. If you also know how much they are normally, then you’ll know if a deal is genuinely good or not.

Features to consider when looking for Cyber Monday Z690 motherboard deals

You need to consider quite a few features when buying your motherboard, but here are some headline considerations.

  • Form factor – this will dictate how much you can expand your PC, its RAM slots, and connection ports. You’ll fit more expansion cards on an ATX motherboard than a mini ITX one, for example. However, you’ll need a much bigger case.
  • Connection ports – make sure you have enough for your existing peripherals with enough left over for extra. Make sure the motherboard has enough front panel connections for USB, etc.
  • Compatibility – Before you get a motherboard, make sure that it is compatible with the other components in your setup

Is Cyber Monday the best time to buy a Z690 motherboard?

More than likely, assuming you’re open-minded about which brand and board you buy. Black Friday sales have already started with some good discounts, and Cyber Monday will likely follow suit. This means you could get a real bargain over the Thanksgiving period.

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