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Appcircle – iOS emulator for PC

iOS emulator for PC
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Appcircle negates the need for physical handsets and smart devices for testing, emulation, and even screenshot purposes by supporting the iOS platform (and Android) in a web browser. This makes for one of the most versatile and accessible iOS emulators on the planet right now. Whats’s more? You can also develop your own apps using the Appcircles toolset to build and deploy your app. Normally, you would need a machine running macOS and depend on development at a local level, which solves a bucketload of issues for multi-platform developers.

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This means you can run an Android phone or iPhone on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS providing you use a supported browser. There’s also a wide range of emulated/simulated mobile devices available from the off without any need to modify or download plugins for your browser. It’s not just the latest operating systems available either, multiple versions of iOS and Android are available across iPhone, iPad, and Android smart devices respectfully.

On the developer side of things, Appcircle is compatible with platform-based native, cross-platform native, and hybrid apps with an x86 binary. There’s built-in Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android functionality built-in for web app testing and emulation too. The main reason to choose Appcircle is the simulated handsets just work for every level of emulation and development competency, and it’s really easy to get started. It is a developer-focused product like most iOS PC Emulators, but it won’t let you down when it comes to functionality.

Whilst you can test web apps for free for a limited time, uploading apps to Appcircle required a paid subscription. The Emulator plan is currently $17.99 per month, with more developer-focused options bring significantly higher.