– iOS Emulator for PC

ios emulator for pc
Last Updated on allows users to run iOS and Android apps directly from a web browser, which means no downloads, plugins, or administrator privileges are needed. Used for app demos, training, developer testing, and general app-emulation, enjoys a large portfolio of high-profile clients. All you need to get going is the relevant App package, which can then be uploaded to for instant streaming from their cloud servers. Once uploaded, a demo of your application can be embedded onto websites and more, giving developers the edge they need to reach more clients through accessibility.

ios emulator for pc

iFrame comes hand in hand when embedding an uploaded app into any block of HTML, which is also fully managed and always up to date. There’s also a wealth of choice when it comes to the type of device you wish to emulate, which operating system, and which version. This means you’re in control of troubleshooting and presentation at all times, it’s also a software-based solution that’s easy to manage and maintain. The one issue when developing applications is accessibility, takes all of the stress out of testing for non-developers and end-users.

Users can track usage of their embedded and uploaded content to help gauge access controls and permissions. This is all possible thanks to apps and emulation being hosted with plug-and-play functionality in mind, with accessible network traffic, debug logs and video recordings. All of this functionality comes at a price, however, the basic plan is $40 per month with a limit of 20 concurrent users to $2000 per month for their enterprise package.

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