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The 360 needs zero introduction. The original Xbox could do with one, the Xbox One too, but the 360? No introductions are needed. 

Microsoft’s console is a powerhouse simply down to its expansive library, only rivalled by the DS and PlayStation 2. Everything from what was on a disc to the game changer of the Xbox Live Arcade, the 360 straight up ruled. While most of us probably remember it as the box that had Halo or those first few Call of Duty games on, it is also home to some of my favourite janky, downright weird games. 

However, on the emulation side of things, it has taken a weird amount of time to get the console going. When I say weird, the PS3 is further ahead in terms of compatibility, but this could also be down to the fact that the 360 has a lot of its titles actively available across modern platforms due to ports, backwards compatibility and general support for the older consoles. 

The best on the ‘market’ is Xenia, is still actively in development and is nowhere near running things perfectly every time.  You’ll find a list of games that do work, but your mileage will vary. You’ll also need a beefy machine to even get going, with the last few i7s doing a lot of the heavy lifting in conjunction with at least a GTX 1650. 

Things are progressing nicely though, as Red Dead Redemption is continuously being shown off as the bar of improvements, with each iteration showing the progress the development is making. 

If you’re after a more stable console emulator from this generation, you might want to check out RPSC3 and Dolphin.