How to cancel Amazon Prime

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Okay, you little sneaky so and so. You signed up for Amazon Prime’s free trial just to get that cool discount on that Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, didn’t you? But now that it is buzzing around your feet doing its dust-collecting duty, you don’t really want to start paying for expedited shipping and Prime TV and all the other benefits.

While Prime is an excellent subscription model it’s obviously not for everybody and if you don’t want to commit to in excess of $100 a year, then here’s how to rid yourself of yet another pesky subscription-based service you could probably survive without.


How to cancel Amazon Prime

Follow the steps below to remove Amazon Prime from your account. It’s simple, but be warned, they will try to see if your determination to quit will waver.


Sign into Amazon account

You need to log into the platform using the account you wish to remove Amazon Prime from. Do this via the Sign In button n the top right of the web page.


Access Amazon Prime through your account

Click Account and Lists and select Prime from the menu that drops down – hint – it’s at the far top right corner.

You can also just hover and select Prime Membership if you want to speed things up a little.


Manage Membership

Under Manage Membership at the top right, click Update, cancel, and more.

From the drop-down menu that appears now, it is time to click End Membership.

Amazon will then ask you if you are really sure or whether you need time t think about it in a scene reminiscent of the classic Friends episode where Chandler is trying to quit the gym.

If you are sure click End my Membership.

Amazon still isn’t finished and will try to persuade you to switch to monthly payments. Be strong Skywalker. Click End membership and you are free of the shackles – at least until the next time, you want that HDMI cable delivered tomorrow.