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iPadOS and iOS 15.4 Features – A full list

Last Updated on December 1, 2023
iPadOS and iOS 15.4 Features 1
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We’ve covered when we think iOS 15.4 will release publicly and we’ve even told our readers how to get their hands on the iOS 15.4 beta right now, but what about iPadOS and iOS 15.4 features?

Thanks to the iOS 15.3 update taking care of some pretty nasty security flaws, the gates are open for Apple to bring a landslide of features to iPhones and iPads worldwide. We’ve put together a list of iPadOS and iOS 15.4 Features so you don’t have to scrape the internet. We’re lovely like that:

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New Emojis

For the full breakdown, check out our full article on what’s included here. For the most part, it makes the whole Emoji experience inclusive for all or makes great strides towards reaching that goal.

Face ID with a Mask

Although we could have done with this feature two years ago when the pandemic kicked off, Apple is now offering Face ID even when users are wearing a mask. This works by focusing on unique features around a user’s eyes, although Apple has stated that this isn’t as secure as a full face scan, so enable at your own risk.

Universal Control

Ever wanted to use an iPad as a second screen for a Mac? The good news is this is now a reality with Apple taking the idea one step further. Universal control allows one mouse and one keyboard to control both a Mac and iPad, allowing to access unique functions of both pieces of tech whilst sharing screen space.

Web App Push Notifications for Safari

Apple is a bit behind the curve on this one, but there’s a ‘Push API’ switch under experimental settings in Safari for iOS 15.4. This would allow websites and web apps to push notifications via Safari much like Chrome and other browsers can do right now. This functionality isn’t active yet, but there’s code in place to implement at a later date

Vaccination Records for EU

The Health and Wallet apps now accept EU format digital Covid certificates. Long story short, verifiable certificates can now be shown in the Health and Wallet apps at a moment’s notice.

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PlayStation 5 Dualsense Support

Lucky enough to have a PlayStation 5 knocking about? Great news, iOS 15.4 now supports adaptive trigger firmware. Whilst it doesn’t mean too much right now, this means developers can add support for the functionality down the line.

Passkey website sign-in

For websites that support the feature, users can use their fingerprint or Face ID to log into a website and verify themselves. This functionality is known as Passkey.

Turn off Shortcut notifications

This applies to personal automation, a new switch has been added under the New Automation menu that allows users to turn off notifications when the shortcut has activated. This is something that has been a big issue with Shortcuts since its inception.

Apple Card Widget

Apple Card can now be added to the Today view and home screen for easier access. The Apple Card widget also shows your current balance and daily spending providing your bank supports it. 

Keyboard brightness

Brightness can now be adjusted for a connected keyboard in iPadOS 15.4 that has backlighting. This feature can be added to the control center by going to Settings > Control Center and hitting the ‘+’ icon.

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Keychain notes and hiding password alerts

Notes can now be added to any password entry. Users now also have the option to hide password alerts, which can come in handy for security reasons and for users who don’t want notifications in the accessible main password section of the Settings app.

Third-party 120Hz support

A bug in the core animation side of iOS 15.4 has caused a lack of 120Hz support on iPhone 13 Pro models. iOS 154. Has fixed this bug, but this feature is only available on pro models due to their Pro Motion 120Hz screens.

Custom e-mail domains

Users now have an ‘iCloud Mail’ option when going to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud which allows users to set up custom domain names. An iCloud+ subscription is required, however.

Corner Swipe support for an iPad Notes app

This option can be found by going to Settings > Notes and turning on the “Allow Finger to Swipe From Corner” switch.

TV app customization

Going to Settings > Preferences users can choose if they’d like a ‘Still Frame’ or ‘Poster Art’ options for the next up display. A small but visually appealing option, it’s just nice to have a choice.

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