How to get iOS 15.4 – It’s simpler than you think

Follow these easy steps to run iOS 15.4 Beta

How to get iOS 15.4

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Looking at how to get iOS 15.4? Well at the time of writing, it’s currently in Beta. This means that only members of the Apple Insider Program can get their hands on iOS 15.4 and its new features. Speaking of new features, not only does it feature a boat-load of new Emoji, but it also features Face ID unlocks with a mask on.

Learning how to get iOS 15.4 isn’t to be confused with Apple’s recent iOS 15.3 update, which saw a major security flaw fix. Long story short, certain aspects of iOS 15 were vulnerable to malicious intervention, allowing users browsing information and Google account details to leak. This wasn’t just isolated to Apple’s own web browser, Safari, either. Reports from Chrome and other browsers were also reported.

Looking at the state of Apple’s previous iOS 15 public releases, we can expect the full iOS 15.4 release to drop in the next month or two, but what about those of you that can’t wait? Well, the Apple Insider Program is the way forward.

How to get iOS 15.4

How to get iOS 15.4 2

Learning how to get our hands on iOS 15.4 is now quite easy considering it’s now entered into a public beta phase. Long story short, it means we can get our hands on it! Before we continue, however, we must stress that this isn’t a stable build of iOS 15.4, which means bugs and errors will most likely occur.

If that’s not an issue, get’s crack on and get started!

Check the iPhone Model – How to get iOS 15.4

How to get iOS 15.4 3

Whilst it’s common practice to make sure the iPhone receiving the update is compatible with iOS 15.4, new features such as Face ID mask will only work on iPhone 12 or newer. This is apparently due to the new features being more resource heavy and scanning “unique features around the eye area” according to 9 to 5 Mac.

Here’s the full list of compatible iPhones with iOS 15 in general:

  • iPhone 13 series
  • iPhone 12 series
  • iPhone 11 series
  • iPhone XS series
  • iPhone X / XR
  • iPhone 8 series
  • iPhone 7 series
  • iPhone 6S series
  • iPhone SE first and second generation
  • iPod Touch seventh generation

Sign up for Beta updates – How to get iOS 15.4

How to get iOS 15.4 4

Apple needs a special beta tester profile installed on the applicable iPhone so that it can push updates automatically as soon as they launch. This is fairly simple to set up and involves the iPhone that will be receiving the iOS 15.4 beta.

Using Safari browser on an iPhone, click here to go to the Apple beta software page and sign in using the relevant Apple ID that is tried to the iPhone. Next, find the ‘Get Started’ subheading and select the ‘Enroll your iOS device’ option.

Download Beta Profile – How to get iOS 15.4

How to get iOS 15.4 5

After enrolling, scroll down the page to find the ‘Download Profile button and give it a good old tap. A warning stating “Website is trying to download a configuration profile” or similar will most likely pop up, just tap ‘Allow’ on this. If this warning pops up under any other circumstances, do not allow it.

Install Beta Profile – How to get iOS 15.4

How to get iOS 15.4

Once the Beta Profile has been downloaded, open the Settings app and select the newly populated “Profile Downloader” section. Next, go for the ‘Install’ and confirm the consent statement which will involve entering the Apple ID password. Finally, tap ‘Install’ one more time to complete the steps necessary to learn how to get iOS 15.4.

An iPhone restart may be necessary for the beta profile to configure and push the relevant update over. It’s normally best practice, in any case, a good restart will flush those temporary files from the iPhones RAM and can speed up performance in some cases.

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