How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells – Lumos, Nox & More

How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells

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iPhone Harry Potter spells aren’t just the PC Guide team stretching their nerdy wishes into their work, Harry Potter spells for iPhone are a real thing. If the recent HBO anniversary special taught us one thing, the majority of us appreciate the wizarding world and its brand of wand-wielding magic, although some of us would suggest real wizards use staffs. Just saying.

How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells

How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells 2

iPhone users won’t need to have a childhood spent under their relatives’ stairs in a cupboard, or even an invitation from Hogwarts to take a school year in dorm rooms. Siri actually recognizes certain Harry Potter spells and maps them to functions on a user’s iPhone. We’re sure the programmer responsible for this would be treated like royalty at conventions and meets for sure.

Let’s cut a long story short, we want readers to know all the spells needed to turn your iPhone into a high-tech wand, so here’s how to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells:

Enable Siri

How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells 1

Apple’s voice assistant is needed to perform spells, given that users are giving voice commands and all. If Siri is already active, move to the next step. If Siri isn’t active, go to Settings > Siri and Search > Siri > Enable. Users can check if Siri is enabled or not simply by saying ‘Hey Siri’ to an iPhone too. Spoiler alert: Hey Siri followed by the spell name will be needed to perform the below spells, sorry.


How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells 3

Users can state ‘Lumos’ to turn on their iPhones flashlight once Siri is enabled, this also works with Google Assistant on Android devices.


How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells 5

State ‘Hey Siri, Nox’ to turn your flashlight off, or ‘Hey Google, Nox’ for Android devices.

Create Custom Spells

How to do iPhone Harry Potter Spells 4

Looking to create custom spells such as ‘Cantis’ to play music for example? Head over to the shortcuts app on iOS and tap + in the upper-right corner. Write in the name of your spell in the name field then tap ‘Add Action’. Finally, select an action from the list of available options and save. Siri will then recognize your spell command as your custom shortcut.

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