Want to be a wizard? Here are all the Harry Potter Commands for Android

Turn off notifications and more

Harry Potter Commands for Android

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For those with their heads stuck in the wizarding world looking for something to keep you going through your normal muggle day, we have something fun to share for Android and Google Assistant users worldwide. Users can use three spells from the Harry Potter series to control functionality on devices using Google Assistant.

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Harry Potter Commands for Android

Harry Potter Commands for Android 2

Before doing anything, make sure Google Assistant is enabled by saying ‘Hey Google, open assistant settings’ and following the on-screen instructions. You’ll also need to allow microphone access whilst Google Assistant is active too, otherwise, you can’t make Android do really cool stuff.

For google Smart Home hub users, you can set your wall sockets, lights, and more to any spell or name you like. Just name the device whatever you’d like for it to become voice-activated. Once Google Assistant is ready, say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’ followed by:

Lumos Maxima

Harry Potter Commands for Android 1

This will turn the flashlight/torch on. If you have a Google Home hub, you can also use this command to turn on lights.


Harry Potter Commands for Android 4

It’s only natural to have Nox turn flashlight and lights off, isn’t it? State Nox when your flashlight is turned on to turn it back off.


Harry Potter Commands for Android

This knocks your Android device into do not disturb mode, silencing ring tones and notifications.

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