How to get Water Eject Shortcut for iOS 15 – Water Eject on iPhone

Potentially save your iPhone from a certain watery doom!

How Long Does The iOS 15 Update Take

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The iPhone 12 and 13 might have superior water resistance to their previous counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible! Using the Shortcuts app, we can actually download from the, a shortcut repository that allows you to bring ‘unverified’ Shortcuts into the app to use. It’s quite safe, but you’ll need to turn on the ability to have these shared with you, which has now been renamed since iOS 15.

Water Eject does what it literally says on the tin, it attempts to eject any unwanted water from your iPhone by emitting a low-frequency noise that jostles the phone about until anything inside comes out.

We don’t recommend you dunk your phone into the water purposely and on an iPad, you won’t get the same effect due to a lack of vibration.

How to eject water from iPhone on iOS 15

water eject iphone

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to eject water from your iPhone.

Turn on Unverified Shortcuts (iOS 15)

Drag down on your home screen to bring up the system search and type in Shortcuts, clicking through to the Settings page that is just a quick scroll down. Now, on the settings page, we want to turn on ‘Private Sharing’.

This is supposed to just allow for people to privately share between contacts, but it works great with this website too! I have actually found that in some cases I don’t even need this on, but let’s just be safe!

On previous versions of iOS, this was something along the lines of ‘Allow Unverified Shortcuts’, but to make it seem friendlier to unsuspecting users, it’s been changed once again.

Download Water Eject for iOS 15

Head to and once you’re on the page – only via your iPhone! – you’ll just want to hit “Get Shortcut” to bring it into your Shortcut folder. Here, you can choose “All Shortcuts” and then Water Eject, which will give you three options to begin an attempt to save your phone.

There are three options, including settings, but the main one seems to do the trick. You’ll want to unplug or disconnect your headphones if they’re on Bluetooth, as it will attempt to play the sound through them rather than the speaker on the phone.


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