Airpods 3 shown at Apple Unleashed: Release date and where to buy

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Apple Unleashed brought with it a bevvy of products, with an introduction from a double-denim wearing Tim Cook, the Airpods 3 was prefaced by the extensive musical integration from the company, including a whole new cheap plan that does away with… the spatial audio features included with the Airpods.

Spatial audio was the main focus in the presentation, a new way for music to be mixed with Dolby Atmos. It legitimately works, bringing a 3D and dynamic

The Airpods 3 has a new structure on the inside, generating new levels of bass and quality for the music you’re listening to.

Adaptive EQ comes to this version of the Airpods, from the Pro and will automatically adapt the equalisation to however it’s intended to be heard. The Airpods case will automatically connect to any iOS device you have, with 5-minutes of charge time now giving an hour of listening time. If you pop them in the case, you’ll get a max of 6-hours of listening time and four extra charges.

The Airpods 3 are available today from and are going to be costing $179.