Apple CarPlay Not Working on iOS 15.2

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Another day, another issue with iOS 15, although this time we’re seeing issues sprout up in iOS 15.2. For all of its efforts in security updates, which in itself took its time, Bluetooth capabilities seem to be severely limited when updating to iOS 15.2. An issue that has plagued iOS 15 since its debut back in September 2021, users are having the most problems when trying to hook up to CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay is supposed to be the best solution for operating Apple devices safely whilst driving. Credit: Chargemaps’s Blog

If you’re one of the many affected, you can check out our article on how to fix Apple CarPlay here, but why isn’t Apple fixing this major operating system flaw. Although more and more car manufacturers are showing their support for Apple CarPlay, iOS 15 updates are preventing users from taking advantage of the feature in the first place.

Apple CarPlay Not Working on iOS 15.2

We’re well aware that sometimes Bluetooth connectivity issues can be down to either user error or simple technical errors that can easily be fixed with a restart, but the Apple Communities forum is currently showing 600 complaints on the issue. From a 2018 Ford Edge to a Volkswagen Jetta, it seems the Bluetooth Apple CarPlay issue isn’t picky on motor brands either.

Twitter is becoming a hotbed for reported Apple CarPlay issues also, with both users and Car reviewer/seller J.D. Power stating the most complained about care feature in 2021 is connectivity in general. Perhaps Apple CarPlay issues are part of a much bigger problem?

Perhaps there’s a fundamental problem with car Bluetooth connectivity? Credit: J.D. Power

Apple is to publicly acknowledge the issues with Apple CarPlay/Bluetooth connectivity and iOS 15.2, which means we’re probably not getting a fix anytime soon. Users have already waited nearly three months at the time of writing for this issue to be resolved, so make sure to check our how-to on how to troubleshoot and fix Apple CarPlay in the meantime.

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