Apple Voice Plan: New cheaper Apple Music subscription plan

Hey Siri, play me something spatial... wait, no don't

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The Voice Plan was announced at Apple’s Unleashed Event, alongside new colours of the HomePod Mini.

It’s going to cost $4.99, is only usable by one person and loses features like Spatial and lossless audio, as well as being played on other devices. This is for those that only want to experience the new Siri features or might not be bothered about the higher-end features available on the other tiers.

The new Siri feature is that you’ll be able to ask it to play something regarding your current situation and it will begin to compile, as well as play a playlist dedicated to that event. Examples included climbing on a hike, dinner parties and more.

Apple’s Unleashed Event brought with a host of new products and things to talk about, including the Airpods 3, which the new Voice Plan won’t be able to take full advantage of as it doesn’t have Spatial audio, but should be a good entry point for those who don’t want yet another $10 subscription hanging around their bank’s neck.