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ASUS’s ROG Ally wins Computex Best Choice award ahead of ROG Ally X launch event

ASUS snag a number of best choice awards at this year's Computex, including the ROG Ally
Last Updated on May 30, 2024
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This year’s Computex best choice awards are here folks, and amongst the gaming & Entertainment category winners is the popular ROG Ally handheld games console.

There are plenty of winners in this year’s gaming & entertainment category, including Acer’s impressive Z57 gaming monitor, two high-end RTX 4090s, and some neat gaming laptops from both Acer and ASUS, but what caught our attention from the list of winners the most, was the ROG Ally.

New and improved ASUS ROG Ally X battery life is just what it needs to compete with the Steam Deck
New and improved ASUS ROG Ally X battery life is just what it needs to compete with the Steam Deck

That’s right, the hugely popular ROG Ally has not only won innovation awards at this year’s CES, but its also now won a best choice award at Computex 2024 – which is probably good news for the up and coming ROG Ally X.

ROG Ally lands 2024 Computex Best Choice Award

(Image source: Computex)

With so many gaming handhelds coming out this year, it’s really no surprise to see not one but two gaming handhelds in the best choice awards. The other handheld console that received the BC award was the Claw – which seems strange after it recieved quite a lot of bad press – especially from reviewers.

Regardless, we’re right behind the award for the ASUS ROG Ally, with the winning reason notes stating: “ASUS’s ROG Ally high-performance handheld gaming device comes packed with features, a custom high-performance AMD processor, and graphics chip. Running on Windows, it gives the player access to all of 3A’s masterpieces anytime, anywhere.“. The notes go on to state how it can toggle the front-end game launcher or adjust device settings, but for me, it won its award based on its power and versatility – showcased recently in its ability to run some games better than the Steam Deck.

Despite this being a worthy winner, it seems a little strange to give it a best choice award when the new Rog Ally X is set to receive its launch event on June 2nd – or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, it’s a great sign for gaming handheld consoles and its even better for ASUS – with the ROG Ally X likely benefitting from this award.

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